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  1. I would like to hear about your experiences with cvs and s/r. Specifically, yesterday I had cvs on my triplet pregnancy, two abdominal needles, one quite painful.
    -They would not cvs all three as they said it was too traumatic, did your doctor do this?
    -Did your s/r hurt worse than the cvs?
    -The plan is if both cvs come back normal then they will reduce the third one. But yesterday the third was in too tough of a position (posterior, back of the uterus) to be reached for cvs. When I asked how they could access the third for s/r if not for cvs, the dr said everyone should move around in the next two weeks so he can reach if. If not, he said he would wait a few more weeks, which I find unimaginable. I am wondering if I should ask if they could then s/r one of the ones they can reach, recognizing that we would then be keeping one that did not have cvs? Any experience with not being able to reach some during cvs or s/r?

    Thanks so much

  2. You wrote good questions. I hope you get an answer. How far along are you?

  3. I'm sorry you find yourself in a position to be considering s/r. It's not a place any of us want to be.

    I don't have experience with your particular situation - I had mono/di identical twins plus a fraternal triplet, so there were only two placentas and they did CVS on both. However, I believe that they usually depend on the fetuses staying in the same place in-between cvs and s/r so that they know which cvs result goes with which fetus.
    However, the CVS is pulling a sample from the placenta, and the s/r is affecting the fetus (sorry for the graphic details). So it may be that while the placenta was not reachable, the fetus would be.

    My cvs was abdominal, and I found that the procedures were very similar physically (a different story mentally).

  4. You wrote good questions. I hope you get an answer. How far along are you?

    I\'m eleven weeks and three days. Thanks for asking

  5. It may have been doctor preference? I think, for example, Wapner and others only like to do CVS on 2, and if they are normal, SR the third. Stone, though, will CVS all. I have not really heard of not being able to reach one of them, but do know that I had to have one of my 3 CVS' done transvaginally rather than transabdominally. I also know that Stone said that they like to map out the location of the fetuses so they know at the SR which CVS result went with which fetus. But maybe the amt of mvmt your doc is talking about is more of a minor variety?

    Sorry I can't be of more help, but hang in there!

  6. Sorry for your situation....

    I had cvs done only on 2 (insurance wouldn't cover cvs on the other 2). I found the cvs to be much more painful than the s/r.

    When I got my results back on my cvs (I got them back the day of the s/r) they told me I was having two healthy boys. Turns out I had b/g twins. So we don't know exactly what happened. We don't know if the babies moved between the cvs and the s/r or if he got two from the same sample. We just don't know but I have often wondered if my girl was supposed to be reduced and she moved around? I will never know I guess. Its hard to know what to do, but I would think that knowing they can reach the baby well seemed most important to me. We had the problem that we did the first s/r and Wapner said he could do the second one through the same needle (without having to pull it out again). So he attempted both reductions through one poke. Well 30 mins later I still had 3 hbs so we had to do it again....which was beyond heartbreaking. So we will never know what really happened, but I do think that ease of getting to them would be high on my list. sorry for what you are going through...hope everything turns out okay.

  7. I had CVS on all (fraternal)- one vaginally, two abdominally. Doctors should be able to perform CVS on all I would think... Sorry you find yourself here.

  8. thanks everyone, I am six days til s/r and you are all really helping me hang in there

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