Cricket how's it going?

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  1. Are you seeing any improvement? I hope you aen't feeling too overwhelmed and are getting some support.


  2. Dena - you are so sweet to check on me!!! Sorry we lost phone/internet service with this big snow so did not see your post till today.

    Things are good one day and then bad the next so we are just muddling through the best we can. DS just had I think another growth spurt even though he is week 5 not 6 (not sure he is reading the same book I am ) so that was tough again. I think the really hard part is I just have not gotten any good sleep in a month (an daverage night I get three 40 minute blocks, last night was bad so I only got about an hour of sleep, seveal days ago I had a good night and probably got 4 hours that night so like I said I am just muddling through and trying to survive. The problem is the lack of sleep means I am not sure I am thinking straight much these days. I seriously can not even keep track of when I am feeding DS so have no idea if he is eating 8 times or 12 times a day (also can never remember what side to nurse him on which is frustrating ).

    I have trouble getting nice long feeds in b/c DS#1 always interupts so I think that means DS#2 keeps getting snacks as opposed to meals. He is still gaining a ton of weight and has loads of dirty diapers so I am not worried that he is not getting hindmilk I am just frustarted since I feel like I am feeding him 24/7.

    Thanks for thinking of me and hopefully in another month or two this will all be a distant memory!

  3. Cricket - so sorry your having such a tough time. I just thought I'd share what I do to keep track. I have twins, and they eat at diffierent times throughout the day and night and I too get much less sleep than is optimal. I carry a blackberry around with me all the time and note the times they start breastfeeding in a file. I start a new line for each baby at midnight so its easy to keep track of time between feedings and number per day. I started doing complex notes on paper when they were born, but something electronic is so much easier as I don't have to turn on lights, find a pen, etc. I used to note start and stop times, but as they nursed better, I moved to just start times. This may be an obvious suggestion, but it has really made things easier for me, as I just can't remember anything anymore!

    Best of luck.

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