creepy sleeping habit

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  1. I have a DD, age 22m, and she started sleeping with her eyes pretty much open. Totally creeps me out with this glazed look on her face.

    Anybody else have a DC that does the same? Do they grow out of this? She just started doing it about 5 or 6 months ago.



  2. My DH sleeps like this and so does my DD - it's SO freaky! I think I started noticing it DD around 18 mos or so. As far as them growing out of it, DH didn't... It think it's just a harmless quirk as far as I can tell.

  3. i have a cousin that does this. she did it as a kid and still does it as an adult although her DH says her eyes are not completely open nowadays just partially. when we were younger she slept with them wide open which always freaked me out during our sleepovers so i made her sleep facing the wall.

  4. my son does this.. as do I, i'm told

  5. My roomate in college did this. It was so freaky! She had very large eyes so I'm not sure if it was a physical thing where her lids could not cover the whole eye???? It didn't effect her at all though.

  6. I do that, not wide open but not fully closed. The thing to watch scratching your eyeball with the pillow for example while asleep.


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