Cramps during 2WW....BFP or BFN?

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  1. My cramping was fairly mild when I had it. Sometimes when I was really preoccupied with other stuff I didn't even notice them. But I just tested + today. I didn't read alot into my cramps either. I was scared to be too positive!

  2. I started cramping 1 day after tx and I'm preggo wih twins. I'm 6 wks and still cramping.

  3. Very thankful for this thread this evening. Had my 5dt on Mon, 2.23 and I've been having AF like cramping for the past several days. It's so much worse this evening that I began crying to DH (gosh, and I'm not typically so emotional) that I've had AF cramps since I was 12 years old and I know what they feel like ... exactly how I'm feeling. Coming online and seeing that others feel like this and still wind up with BFPs gives me hope.

    I'm on estrogen patches (2 patches every other day) and progesterone suppositories (2x day). I don't know if I was imagining it or not, but felt like cramps subsided a bit with evening progesterone.

    Who knows ... my body is a mystery to me right now. Can't wait to have my beta next week and get this 2WW over with!

  4. Suz, I have had cramping nearly every day. Last night I woke up at midnight to go to the bathroom and the cramps were very painful. I am on estrace tabs 2x a day, estrogen patch and progesterone suppositories three times a day. I used donor egg. Lots of women on my donor board who are pg have and are still having cramping. With my own eggs, I only got the cramps towards end of 2ww when it was BFN. My beta is Monday.

  5. peter.ivanic, you're in my prayers! I hope that your beta on Monday gives you the BFP you've been waiting for!

    This is my first cycle and with nothing to freeze, I feel so much pressure for this to work ... I am in awe of the strength of women like you who have gone thru this multiple times. You are inspirations to me.

  6. <sigh> my cramping had been relegated to the evenings, but today here at work it's horrible. Every few hours I keep running to the ladies room to see if it is AF. No spotting yet, but it feels exactly like the day or two before AF ... only it's felt that way for almost 5 days now.

    At 9dp5dt, I just want to know if it is a BFP or a BFN so that I can move on. I'm driving myself nuts. Each step of the way you think you're "in" the hardest part, only to move on to the next thing and realize that is even more difficult. That BFP someday will most definately be worth it though.

  7. Hi Girls -

    Suz - sorry for your cramping. I know it's terribly upsetting.

    I, too, am in the 2WW and have had cramping most of the time since transfer. Today I am 6DP 3DT and we transferred 2 12-cell, grade A embies and one 10-cell grade A (they had divided from their 8-cell status prior to ET).

    I have a long history - 2 early m/c with OE, ectopic with OE, then the loss of triplets at 21+ weeks with OE. From there, we've done one failed DE cycle (2 embies Xferred for fresh, and 3 for FET), and this is our second full cycle with a new donor. This is the first cycle I have done Lovenox and Prednisone, but have done PIO shots and estrace many times. I can not remember if I had cramping with my triplets, but I know I had some cramping with my last two unsuccessful DE cycles. I am quite nervous, but really hoping the cramps are a good sign.

    It's funny...they are similar to period cramps, but they are more "centralized" in my abdomen. Sometimes it feels stronger just slightly toward the left and others it's stronger just slightly toward the right. But my period cramps feel like they stretch out further across my abdomen, if that makes sense. Sometimes I can not feel them at all, and sometimes I do. Beyond that, the only things I have is slightly sore bbs. Not HUGELY painful, but tender.

    Have not decided if I POAS just yet.

    Weird and crazy-making for sure!!

  8. I was sooo crampy during the 2ww. Then I got my first positive beta and from week 4-5 I was even more crampy, exactly like af cramps. I was so scared but saw a little heartbeat yesterday!!

  9. I started having mild cramps the day of ET and they got worse and worse along with lower back pain up until beta day. It was exactly the same as my symptoms for AF every month. I was sure my beta was going to be negative, but it was BFP

  10. Hi
    I am 8dp5dt. My beta is tomorrow, oct 27. I have horrible AF cramps. I am so scared because I feel just like when I expect my period. I have spotted a little today (pink) and had a little brownish on the toilet paper. I never get that with AF though! AF usually comes on strong. So I am a bit confused but more scared. The nurse said she is not worried about the cramps but to get off my feet. I guess I will post my pill result tomorrow.

    Next day....
    I just got my test result -- BFP!!!! So yes, I had AF cramps for days now and got a BFP!

  11. I know it's not very encouraging to those of you in the 2ww, but I just wanted to say that I had bad cramping (not exactly like AF cramps - more pinching pain) from about 2 days after my FET until my beta, and I had a BFN. When I got my BFN, my nurse told me that the PIO can often cause cramping. I wish I had known that when I was waiting, because I was so convinced that the cramping was a good sign. I had never had it before on my 2 previous transfers, so it is strange that the PIO didn't cause cramping until this last time.
    From what I have seen and heard, you just can't tell anything about whether you are going to get a BFP or BFN based on symptoms or lack thereof. You just have to wait it out!

  12. I just got back my beta and it was 125..were preggers and about 2 days after my transfer to about yesterday when they got a bit more frequent and had spotting. So I thought I for sure failed and I went to the store for pads. I didn't have them this much from my DD( from IVF) so I knew this was a bust...but surprise surprise. I guess 7th times a charm

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