Cramping at 16 weeks and worried

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I am 16 weeks pregnant with twins today. I just saw them at an u/s at 15 weeks 3 days and they were both fine. I had a lot of period-like cramping in the first trimester and thought that was behind me. However, for the last four days I've had the same type of cramping again -- very mild, but constant PMS-type cramps. I am so scared. Also, I had horrible morning sickness up until two days ago. I don't know if it's subsiding or if anything is wrong with my babies.

    My husband says that it's probably my uterus stretching as my tummy has really grown in the last week. I hope he's right!

    This was my 9th fresh IVF cycle and I am terrified of losing this pregnancy.

    Has anybody else experienced the same type of cramping in the second trimester?



  2. Your DH is right, it's your uterus that's stretching. I may have experienced the stretching cramps up until my 3rd tri but in all honesty by the 2nd tri I had a lot more other pg-related aches and pains that got in the way of noticing my cramps. If you're VERY worried, call your OB and ask for a quick look. Often times, your OB will get you in to look at the US especially since they know how much we endured to get pg. GL!

  3. Your husband is probably right. I know my morning sickness (nausea) left right around the 16 week mark. That's quite common. It made me a little paranoid too. I didn't have any cramping to speak of but that could be just what you feel as your stretch and grow and mine may feel altogether different. When is your next u/s? I didn't have one between 8 and 20 weeks. That was such a long wait just to see if they were both still okay.

    Maybe if you are really worried, get it checked out if at all possible. It's horrible to be terrified. Try to rest and get your mind busy.

    Sorry I'm not much help,

  4. Thanks, girls! My next u/s is this coming Thursday. I get to have u/s every week -- thanks to my incredible OBGYN who knows how freaked out I am about this pregnancy. Because I had two previous losses (both in the first trimester), I am really paranoid.

    I just read online that a woman with a retroverted uterus is more likely to have cramping during pregnancy. I have that plus multiples. Maybe that's why I am cramping?

    If I start spotting/bleeding (hopefully, that won't happen!), I'll definitely call my OBGYN. Otherwise, I think I'll wait until Thursday.


  5. Had some cramping as things expanded. By 16 weeks with twin, you're doing some expedited expanding, so you will prob. feel more cramping than most others with singletons.

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