Coverage from individual insurance?

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  1. So we currently have an insurance plan through my husband's employer. It has no infertility coverage, and costs us over $800 a month. We were thinking of shopping around for an individual plan anyway, and I was wondering if there is such a thing as an individual plan that covers infertility? I'm sure it would be pricey (if it exists), but since we're already paying so much in premiums anyway, it may be a better deal than paying for IVF out of pocket.

    Has anyone heard of an individual insurance plan that has infertility coverage?

  2. I was told by my cousin who works in his own company (he sells insurance to companies) that individual plans never cover infertility.

    I've worked at two companies that offer the insurance (Citibank and HSBC). Companies that offer it are rare. I posted on this board companies that offer insurance. I'm now trying to get a job at one of those companies so that I can try again (this time donor egg & sperm and single, had a divorce due to 5 years of infertility stress).

    Good luck!

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