Could you recommend drawer and cabinet locks?

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  1. I have been putting DS in his pack n' play while I cook. But now that he is 13 1/2 mths old, he will not stay in it and has just about figured out how to climb out. So, I am thinking of letting him in the kitchen w/me when I'm cooking. But, I haven't put locks in my kitchen drawers or cabinets yet. There are so many different kinds out there, I have no idea which ones we should get. We have a bunch of single cabinets that are next to drawers so you can't lock them with a latch because there's only one knob. I heard magnetic ones will work for them but are a pain to install. If you are happy or unhappy w/the what you have, please let me know what kind/brand you got.



  2. Tot loks are the best. They are the magnetic kind and yes, a pain to install but absolutely full-proof. DD figured out how to work the latchy ones this past fall (a little under 3 y.o.!)

  3. Be sure to keep your receipt and try out a small pack on the magnetic ones. Our cabinets were too thick so after DH installed one (MASSIVE pain in the a@#) it didn't work because the magnet couldn't release through the wood. We ended up moving things around in our kitchen so only things that were safe for DS to play with were down low.. and he eventually tired of playing with the things we had in them.

  4. We ended up using almost no locks in the kitchen.

    There is one drawer that little dude was always encouraged to play in. Tupperware and the like. When he tried to get into the others we just re-directed him back to his own drawer.

    Maybe my guy isn't too persistant, but it hasn't really been a problem. Well, except for the time he accidentally pulled a baking sheet out and it landed on my baby toenail. That was bad. See Mama Cry!! At least it landed on my foot and not his.

  5. I'mhopeful ~ thks for letting me know about Tot Loks. I think those are the ones that I hear work really well. I'll definitely look into them.

    Beth ~ thanks for the warning about the thickness of the cabinets. I think we are going to hire a babyproofer to come and install them. DH is a true procrastinator w/that kind of stuff and if it's a royal pain, he will definitely not do them. I hope the babyproofer will know if they work on our cabinets.

    mirnaester ~ we also have a cabinet and a drawer that is safe for DS to open. But, he always wants to open the other ones and has slammed his fingers when opening and shutting them. Unfortunately, my little guy is super persistent. If we lead him away from something, then he wants it more. I'm hoping that as he gets older, the novelty of the kitchen will wear off, esp the trash can. Glad you survived the baking sheet on your toenail!


  6. olgagiannak,
    Would you like me to send you a couple of tot-loks? We have removed a couple from our cabinets and are done with them. Let me know!

  7. I'mhopeful - I just sent you a pm. Thks, Jules

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