Could this be a sign of pregnancy or something else??

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  1. Hi. I am in my 2WW. We did a FET with 2 that were 5dpo on Wed (02/17). I was given maybe a 60% chance of one taking. I haven't had any symptoms BUT my breasts started feeling fuller the day after the transfer?!?!? I thought, ok, maybe this is an early sign of pregnancy. I haven't had any cramping, but have POAS with no success. Last time I got a BFP on 5dp5dt (which would've been today) but nothing so far this go around. Is the full breast feeling really a sign of being pregnant and if so, is it possible to have signs the day after the transfer? Also having BFN on HPT after having full breasts for this long? I've tried to google and find out about the full breast feeling but I have only found that it could be a sign of early pregnancy but no reason as to what causes it (hcg levels, implantation, etc). Has anyone else experienced something similar and ended with a BFP? Any response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much as I am really worried that it didn't work.

  2. It's most likely from the progesterone shots. I would not read too much into what pg symptoms you may or may not have. That can drive you crazy. Keep busy until the beta. GL!

  3. my breast didnt change till 6 weeks pregnant.. what i did notce both times i was pregnant was very bad cramping 8dpo-11dpo.. felt like someone was ringing out a towel. that was the only symptom i ever
    got before a Beta.. gl..

    Jayjay is right progrestrone does make u bloated and enlarged breast.. and stuff..

  4. Thank you JayJay and bolajing. I really appreciate the responses. I know cramping can be a very good sign of implanting... but I haven't felt anything this time around. I will try and take the great advise and "not read too much into pg symptoms". Thank you both for the GL. I really need it and very much appreciate the responses. Beta day is on Friday, so at the very least we will know something definite then.

  5. Good morning. Well, again I POAS this morning and still negative. I am now 6dp5dt. Just thought I'd update though I was hoping to have better news. Hope everyone has a great day!

  6. You are POAS too early. Many women don't get a positive until much later than this. 6dp5dt would be quite early for a positive. Try to wait a least a couple of days before you POAS again. The 2WW is horrible....I know. Try not to drive yourself crazy with the HPTs . Jeni

  7. hang in there...still a bit early for a hpt...I did a 5 day transfer and didn't get a bfp on a hpt until 8dp5dt and it was a light line. Good Luck!

  8. I didn't get a +hpt until I was 8dp5dt. And it was really, really faint at that.

    Hang in there. I found it was better just to distract myself and wait for the beta. Or I would drive myself crazy!

  9. Wow, 8dp5dt ... ok that gives me some hope. That really helps alot. I guess since I had a BFP 5dp5dt last time (both line and digital type) that I figured I would've had a BFP on HPT around the same time. Still hopeful then. Thank you!

  10. STOP doing POAS! I find that they are added on to my stress and when I started POAS, I coudl not seem to stop. Soon, I was POAS every hour. I hate those sticks!

  11. JayJay I know what you mean. How did you stop POAS when you were going through the 2WW or could you stop? Even if I didn't do another one after today, I would probably still do one the morning of Friday just to have a possible "heads up". I can't tell you how much I appreciate the responses. Knowing it could be too soon to find out is comforting and does help. Thank you all for being so great!!!

  12. JayJay I know what you mean. How did you stop POAS when you were going through the 2WW or could you stop?
    I wasn't big on POAS to begin with, but once I got started, I obsessed and couldn't stop. What worked for me was not starting it at all.

    During the 2ww, I slept a lot and during my waking moments I kept busy.

  13. JayJay - That sounds like a good idea. :-)

    Two more days to go. I really appreciate you all "typing" to me to help get through this. I did take note to the poll that says "Last negative HPT before + Beta" and am keeping my fingers crossed that I will get a chance to vote if all goes well. Since I got them, I will probably use them, but I do have enough HPT to do one in the morning and one in the afternoon through Friday morning. I will definitely let you know if I get anything other then what I have been getting. Thank you for keeping me company as it does help having others to talk to. :-)

  14. I was checking my notes from when I went for my beta last time (9dp5dt) and they want to see atleast 40 (which'll be this Friday)... shouldn't I get a BFP on a HPT before then???

  15. Like I said, I got a faint positive at 8dp5dt. When I went in at 10dp5dt, my beta was at 124. I was shocked. with the faint positive, I thought for sure my beta would be low and possibly a chemical.

    This is why I try not to put any confidence in hpts. The beta is not only more accurate but can give you better information.

    If I were you, I would stop POAS and just wait. . . Though, anything is easier to say than to do. I wish you all the luck in the world.

  16. For me at 10dp5dt my first beta was 65 and my first faint hpt was 2nd beta was more than double and I kept POAS like a fool I was soooo addicted my line never got darker until my beta was well over 1000 and I did FMU....I think everyone is just different.

    Good Luck thinking of you!

  17. Thanks Kissers and FERAH. I really appreciate your responses.

    With this being our last try and already having the HPT, I will probably use them up since there is only two more days to go I really do understand what everyone is saying. Maybe if this wasn't our last try it would be easier to resist the HPT. Being the type of person I am, I would rather prepare for the worst in case that is the ultimate outcome, but I would be shocked and highly excited if I did get a BFP. Without getting into too much detail, I have already had a lot of let downs this cycle (mostly from REs office) and honestly it is hard to stay very positive but I am trying.

    Talking it out with you guys does help alot and I really appreciate you all taking the time to listen, share experiences, and give great advise. Only about a day and a half to go. Thank you all so much for all the support!!!

  18. Hi Everyone. Hope everyone is doing well. I just wanted to update same result on HPT again today. Hope is low, but will know for sure tomorrow. Have a great evening and stay warm (it's cold here).

  19. I'm sorry you can't stop POAS . I hope it's wrong as what the PP had experienced with her -POAS and +beta.

  20. Hey JayJay. It's not so much as I can't stop POAS as it is that I've already got them, I might as well use them.

    I just did my last FRED and still white as could be. I know that there are exceptions, but I honestly am not sure if I will be one of them. FRED should/could pick up HCG like <20 and with nothing showing up, I would have to assume my levels are less then that. I do appreciate the support and the positive responses (very much so) as those have helped alot even if the ultimate outcome is not what we'd like. Thank you. :-)

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