Could it be my water?? HELP...

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  1. Ok girls, I am only 20 weeks pregnant with twins. A little while ago I had a gush of fluid. It soaked my panties and went threw my pants. Here is the thing, my husband and I had sex about 2 hours before, I did take a bath afterwards.... Could I hve had just leakage from my bladder, or some mess from intercourse?? Should I go to L&D??? I dont want to go since I am not far along enough for my water to break... I dont know what to do.


  2. Are you still leaking? I would likely guess that it is typical mucus or the result of the BD. However, I would call your OB. There is a simple test they can do to check for amniotic fluid. You do not want to mess around if it was your water. If is is, they will likely start you on antibiotics and fluid IVs.

    Take care.

  3. thanks for your reply, I called the triage nurse at the hospital she thinks I should come in and be checked.... but she acted like it was no big deal and i dont need to hurry. She said make your best judgement....... Thats the problem, I just dont know

  4. Go to L&D, as pp said, the test is simple. If you did break your water, you need to get the antibiotics. It doesn't necessarily mean you'll deliver now, although you may. Staying at home won't keep you from delivering.

  5. I would go, if even for my peace of mind. I'd rather go and get sent home for nothing, than to wait, and be devastated if I had misjudged. FWIW, I don't think it's your water, but better to be safe than sorry, especially given how much we have gone through to get to this point.

    (At 24w I was experiencing what I thought were just braxton hicks cx. I went to L&D, where they told me I was contracting every 3-5min-I wasn't even feeling all of them! They gave me a shot, they stopped, and I went home. Next morning, they started again, my OB told me it was probably nothing, but wanted me to get checked out. I went in, and overnight I had dialated 1cm. If I hadn't gone in, I could have ended up losing both babies due to PTL. I'm not saying this to scare you, but I think that it is a good idea to get checked out \"just in case\".)


  6. Ok, I took your advice and went in. I did not break my water (thank goodness) I did have a couple contractions and some irratibility, but I was just told to drink more water and take it easy. I am glad I went in, the nurse was so nice and didn't make me feel stupid at all!
    Thank you for being here to talk to!


  7. Cara,
    Glad you are ok, just saw your thread!
    I had things like this happen too - I woke up at night and the matrass was soaked with some transparant fluid! It definitely was not urine. Luckily I had a scheduled appointment the next day and the Dr said that it must have been mucus.
    She said that during PG there could be a LOT of mucus produced.

  8. Glad to hear everything was ok.

  9. Glad you went in and everything checked out ok. Take care!

  10. Just lurking but I wanted to chime in one thing. My water broke early with my pregnancy and one thing is that amniotic fluid has quite a distinct smell. Like bleach. I had read this somewhere and when it happened it was a hint that it might be amniotic fluid. Just a little tidbit! Best of luck to all.

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