Cost/timing information on Drs. in NYC?

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  1. Hello, I'm new to the board and I'm very happy to find a non-judgmental place discussing S/R....

    I was wondering if anybody had any information about costs to do CVS and S/R with Dr. Stone and Dr. Evans? Also, what kind of waiting times do they have? (I will be paying out of pocket.)

    My background: I just had my first round of IVF and the ultrasound yesterday at 6 weeks showed three sacs. In hindsight we should have only transferred two. Sigh. Ended up transferring three because I had my cycle almost cancelled after I was coasted for two days due to OHSS concerns and E2 plummeted (Dr. used the term "salvage" when I got triggering instructions). Also, in the end though they got 12 fertilized eggs, they did a day 3 transfer. With those factors I assumed my embryos were crappy quality and as this was going to be my only fresh cycle, transferred the maximum allowed for my age group at day 3. I think I was at least partially right - none of the 9 remaining embryos made it to blast for freezing. Unfortunately all three that were transferred implanted. At this point, really, really hoping one disappears on it's own (any idea what the chances are for that happening?), but if not will reduce to twins at week 12.

    Luckily, DH is on board for S/R and is in fact not that comfortable with twins - uncomfortable with medical impact on me, not with having two kids per se. I'm 5 feet tall, 35 (not young) and definitely not athletic. Personally, I was a little on the fence about triplets, but since doing more research here and elsewhere on the internet, I've realized that I'm a horrible candidate to attempt triplets.

    Thanks for any info you can provide.

  2. Hi There,
    Sorry you are in this situation. I saw Dr. Stone in NYC. I called when I was about 8 wks and scheduled everything. I did CVS at 10 wks and the S/R at 12wks. She was very flexible and worked with our schedule. My insurance did not cover the S/R, however everything else was covered. We paied $2000 for the S/R. If you go with Dr. Stone, you need to talke to her billing person (I think her name is Zina - but not 100% sure). She is great and will tell you the self-pay cost of everything.

    Good luck!

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