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  1. I am seriously contemplating donor egg and need some guidance . Has anyone had success with donor egg when their infertility issue had been poor embryo quality . As in poor looking fragmented , low celled embryos .
    Also for those who did DE out of pocket , how much did it cost ? Did anyone have any help for raising that kind of money ? How many cycles on average does it take to get successful with DE . Would like your input please .

  2. I am seriously contemplating donor egg and need some guidance . Has anyone had success with donor egg when their infertility issue had been poor embryo quality . As in poor looking fragmented , low celled embryos .Also for those who did DE out of pocket , how much did it cost ? Did anyone have any help for raising that kind of money ? How many cycles on average does it take to get successful with DE . Would like your input please .
    Yes, did it for the same reason as you. Did take us 3 tries, but now have 10 week old twin boys. It's not cheap, I warn you. Cost is 25-30K....some clinics now have a frozen egg bank, which I hear is cheaper....
    But despite the high cost, you do get many good embryos and you'll likely have some to freeze for a future attempt (s) which is much cheaper than the initial cycle. I think most folks succeed on cycle 1, we were a bit of an anomoly that it took 3 cycles. Best wishes and good luck to you.

  3. Hope, I am 35 years old and began my IF treatments at age 30. I did two IUI's and 6 IVF cycles with my own eggs. I have stage IV endo and had two laps to clean it out; I would produce a decent amount of eggs but not good enough quality. Last August I had a myomectomy to remove a uterine fibroid and did my first DE cycle; this was out of pocket and our last resort. It worked on the first try and I am 32w with b/b twins!! It was such an easy decision, too, once I made the choice; no regrets. My parents helped with the cost, and we also took money from my husband's retirement account. It was the best money every spent, penalties and all. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Good luck!

  4. Hope-I am 31 doing DE, we tried 2 IUIs and 2 IVFs with my own eggs and it was determined I had some type of inherited egg quality issue hence very poor embryo quality-fragemented and never made it past 6 cells on Day 3. Moving on to do DE was the best decision we've ever made! I did get pg. on my first fresh cycle but unfortunately m/c so we are doing an FET with our frozen embryos next month.

    It cost us around 28k-we are doing Integramed's Split Cyle Shared Risk Plan. So, we have up to 3 fresh and unlimited FET's and there are 2 of us recipients for 1 donor so we split the eggs. We are paying ourselves, OOP, but did finance a portion of it through Capital One.

    As far as how many cycles it takes, I think that varies a lot depending upon your specific clinic's success rates for DE. You can check out SART. Speaking from my experience, I wouldn't say that it's necessarily a safe bet to trust 1 cycle.

  5. Hope-I meant to add, and I bet a lot of women on the DE thread would agree, that when you move on to DE, you are just so over waiting for a baby and just want your baby so badly that you don't even focus on the whole donor part anymore. I am very grateful for my anonymous donor and her generosity, don't get me wrong, but DH and I never talk about "our donor" or our embryos "not being from my eggs". We're just so excited to have top quality, perfect embryos to transfer, that is doesn't even matter anymore.

  6. Thank you for your posts , it is very helpful .
    Amy , I am also thinking of doing shared risk , had done it earlier and so glad I did it , saved so much money that way . Especially at CCRM costs are extreme .
    Olgag78 , I feel the same way , feel like I am ready to move on , but unfortunately dh wants to do more cycles with my own eggs .

    mariofreitas , how did they find out about the inherited condition ?

    And I did check on the prices since I posted this , I was expecting it to be expensive but wow !
    29,800 for a single cycle , plus donor costs , travel costs , agency costs , plus 5-7k for meds . Makes it 50 k for a cycle

  7. Hope-If you have any flexibility to cycle out of town, you can save a lot of money and maybe shorter wait times too. I called about 50 clinics that women here had recommended and narrowed down my list and chose our clinic based on price, wait time, success rates, and overal donor egg ivf program (bc it's very different from IVF with your own eggs so your RE needs to have a well-established/well-oiled DE program). Traveling of of state we are saving a ton of money and time!

    You definitely do not have to use an agency (I preferred not to for various reasons-cost as well as the fact that I wanted my RE to have recruited the donor bc she was medically very fertile, not an agency recruit her bc they were going to make a lot of money off of me in fees). You do not have to use an out of state, use a local one so not travel costs, shared risk includes all donor medications and yours will be minimal-think I paid like $200 for mine!

    As far as the egg problem, my mom and 2 grandmothers dealt with IF. My DH is just fine. I was a moderate responder with very poor looking eggs and a lot of immatures, empty follicles, etc. so it was very obvious that despite my wonder 2.1 AMH, I have some type of inherited egg problem. I also ovulate late so I think it has to do with it.

  8. mariofreitas , I had discussed this(cycling elsewhere) with ccrm's donor nurse . and she mentioned that they do extensive testing for donors and they have better success rates than others . Do clinics vary in the amount of testing they do for donors ? and I know the success rates do differ . And I would definitely travel anywhere , where the donor is located as I have been travelling to ccrm anyway .
    "your RE needs to have a well-established/well-oiled DE program"
    An excellent point , I will definitely explore other clinics before I go to ccrm . the costs seem prohibitive there. We are still paying for the capital one/integramed payment that we made for cycles with my eggs , unfortunately with no success .

  9. I agree with your nurse in that extensive testing is crucial on the donor-psychological, genetic, physical, emotional, etc. But, I also believe that if you choose a good clinic with a good donor egg program, they will all use the standard "AFC, E2, AMH, etc." testing that they would do on any women going through IVF, in addition to the FDA testing (HIV, CF, etc.) and meet with a genetic counselor, a psychologist, etc.

    You can check all donor egg success rates on SART for each clinic. And yes, some clinics do have higher success rates than other-CCRM, ORM, and SDFC being a few of them. However, I got the same speech from my former clinic after I cycled with them with my own eggs and decided to move on to Donor Eggs-bc that's the way they recruit recipients for donor egg, if not, they've lost your business.

    Certainly CCRM has a wonderful program and I would consider it if it were actually affordable, but I can't and it's not. So, DH and I researched all over the US for a program that we felt very comfortable with, trusted, respected the RE, and also felt great about the nurse/DE coordinator bc that is who coordinates the whole thing and you have the most contact with. And lastly, the most important thing was to be comfortable with the price. For example, we wanted to do Integramed's Shared Risk (bc, like you, had done it with my own eggs), but my clinic only offered 1 recipient cycles and it was 54K! We weren't comfortable with that after having spent a ton already on my own eggs. So, we thought there was no way we could have done Shared Risk. Then, we found our clinic, who offers Integramed's Shared Risk Program with Split Cycles and it's around 28K. Much more doable! Also, wait times to be matched with a donor are crucial as well-I was matched in 5 weeks (and that was over the holidays!). I've heard several places, CCRM included, have wait times of several months.

    And if you choose a clinic with their own donor pool, the donor is local, you are not traveling anywhere.

    Also, if you want to do Integramed's Shared Risk, just go on their site and print off the list of all of their clinics and call their DE coordinators, that is one thing I did. I know Shady Grove in MD offers several shared risk plans-one being a 6 cycle for like 30K!

    Good luck, it's a lot of research but in the end can save you a ton of $$$ and wait time!

  10. Have you ever considered traveling to Europe for donor eggs ?
    A lot of women go to Czech Republic . I went to Lviv, Ukraine and the clinic there was great. They have high success rates but they're pretty aggressive (the doctor transferred 4 embryos because my lining was thin ). I got pregnant with triplets.
    They\'re very affordable. It was only 4500 Euros for everything they did (IVF, donor eggs, etc)
    I recommended them to a friend who I met at my local fertility clinic. She went there and now has twin girls.

  11. mariofreitas , you have been a tremendous help . Thank you . Would deifinitely check out Integrameds list of programs and check with them . They will owe us some money from my previous own eggs deal , so hopefully will need to add onto it and not come up with it from scratch . Also I think If I were to receive the money from Inegramed from my failed cycles , I would have to pay taxes on it , which I would like to avoid .
    Stacy , I did think about going outside for IVF , but decided against it .
    With both me and my dh travelling/unable to work , the cost saving would be patially offset , esp if we had to do it multiple times ( they are likely to have lower success rates ?)
    I am afraid of the communicables screening etc outside of US . Also afraid in case some complication arises while I am there ( I know unlikely )
    I am also uncomfortable about their laws( biological parents rights ?)
    Maybe I am just paranoid , but it would be too stressful for me to travel outside of US for IVF and hope that I dont have to do it .

  12. I am glad I can help! I hope you don't mind me sharing what I have learned so far in this adventure! It's just that I felt like at first DE wasn't possible bc I knew the prices at my 3 local clinics and thought we couldn't afford it, but then researched my heart out and found that we could!

    The way it worked for us with Integramed (it could be totally different now, I don't know) is that we were refunded the money from the Shared Risk Plan with my own eggs, then we had to be re-accepted into the Shared Risk DE program (DH's SA and a saline sono. for me), then received a new DE contract from them, paid them the full 28K (some thru Capital One), and now we're in!

  13. I originally signed up with Integramed Shared risk 100% program for DE. I selected a proven donor from a donor pool at a large S. Florida clinic ..cycle ended up being cancelled b4 retrieval - donor mixed the drugs incorrectly and crashed. Integramed counted that cycle as one of my fresh so I decided it was no longer worth the $ (I paid 48k) - got my $ back and went to a little ity bity clinic in Tampa (Dr Welden) with very personal attention and at a total cost of approx 12k including donor fee, drugs and EVERYTHING!! I had cycled at some of the best clinics (NYU, Cornell) and found this Tampa clinic to be extremely competent, reliable and they have tremendous sucess rates with DE (it was about 80% when I cycled). I had to fly in 1 x for the consult and then again just before ET. They have a small but diverse donor pool. I am 28 weks pg with twin boys. If money is an issue (even if not) - I would defeintely look into it! I didnt have any real issues other than my age (39-40 at the time).

  14. mariofreitas , weboglue , I think what I am learning is to research all the options and see what works out best . With about 50k for each ccrm cycle , money is of course an issue , the costs are making me depressed .

  15. Hope-You hit the nail on the head-research, research, research before making any decisions! There are a lot of options out there!
    BTW, I consulted with the clinic akaram went with and felt very comfortable there too!

  16. Hope,

    I would also highly recommend CNY Fertility in Syracuse NY. They had online profiles with pics, a very large in house donor pool, and the cost is $11,000 single/$6200 split plus meds. This includes all FETs for a year and storage. The lab recently went to vitrification. I went there for all my IVFs and did my first donor cycle with them in Feb. I did a split 6 eggs/5embys transferred 3, and am 19w pregnant with girl/girl twins. They also offer 0% financing (it is all on the website) and will bill insurance. Even though my insurance doesn't cover donor eggs, it does cover IVF and in the end my cycle was free. I really can't say enough about them. Coastal Gal; Shiva; and DanaSingle have all done donor cycles there and are on this board. Donor egg doesn't have to be expensive. Also, the government requires all donors be tested for certain diseases; it is mandatory. They do not require any visits until emby transfer.

    ETA: I have heard great things about Dr Welden as well, but when I checked with them; they don't have online profiles, and no split cycles. Seemed like a much smaller practice than CNY. In the end it still would've been cheaper for me to do a single at CNY than Dr. Welden's.

  17. Hope-To also add to what gscattolin posted, I consulted with her RE as well at CNY Fertility in New York. I really liked their donor egg program-they have a large # of donors, a super DE coordinator who is totally on the ball, and their pricing can't be beat. Their prices would allow for multiple cycles, if necessary. I haven't cycled with them but would recommend them. They do offer a 6 cycle shared risk plan as well.

  18. i'll add to what's already been said that sometimes using an agency doesn't end up costing a mint. with our first donor, we used x and y, which sets donor compensation at 4 or 5 K- much less than some donors set for themselves. we also didn't go to any fancy clinic- reproductive associates of delaware- which we had been using anyway and it never occurred to me to shop around (crazy, i know!)- in 2007, when i got pg the first time, their success rate was 7/8 with donor egg. that seems reasonable to me! our total costs- all out of pocket- were about $31K- this was with our second donor, whose fee was $8000. anyway, we returned 2 years later to defrost another and got pg on the first FEt- so for the $31K plus $3200 for the frozen transfer- 2 kids.

    so my somewhat half- ssed approach worked okay- but clearly if you want the well researched perspective- go to mariofreitas!

    oh, ps, my sister just got pg on her first try- single embryo transfer- elective- at shady grove.


  19. check out oregon reproductive medicine

    after doing my research I picked them over sdfc and ccrm and flew in for my cycle from the east coast. success rates are right up there but price is much more reasonable.

  20. Hi! Just wanted to say we also used akaram's clinic (Dr. Welden) and would never have been able to afford to do DE otherwise. We live out-of-state and even with the travel costs it was much less expensive. Plus, they were very responsive and kind - you can even call the embryologist with questions, and he is more than happy to answer. I feel like we stumbled (with the help of the ladies on this board, of course!) into the right place for us.

  21. Hope,
    We just found out our 3rd trip to the Czech Republic using worked and we are preganant!! We transferred 2 Grade 1 blasts, so we are waiting to find out with u/s whether we have 1 or 2 babies.

    We found website 2 years ago and thought it was too good to be true, so my husband picked up the phone and called the Fites in Ohio and talked with Craig for over an hour until he felt confident that this was no scam.

    The prices have remained about the same.....for a donor egg cycle, the entire cost was less than $10,000. That's for all medications, donor eggs, clinic, doctor, u/s guided trasfer, ICSI, and assisted hatching of embryos, and also includes our airfare, hotel, trasportation and food for 10 days.

    We told ourselves that we could go to Europe THREE times (enjoying a vacation each time) for the same $$$ as it would cost us to have ONE cycle here in the U.S. Also, knowing that the donor is from the Czech Republic (where no personal information can be exchanged) we have no fear that a donor is going to come looking for "her" baby.....AND chances are astronomical that our baby will grow up and accidentally marry her "cousin"!

    There is no red lawyers "counseling" fees, no "extra" fees like seem to be added on here in the U.S.

    Our outcome did take the 3 tries, but we are very glad we made this choice. We actually think we saw our donor on the day of egg retrieval (she was the only 5'9" brown/blue eyed college girl in the waiting room.) We were given stats on another donor which we turned down because she had brown eyes and DH and I both have blue. There is a university in the clinic town, so there is always a good "pool" of healthy, pretty girls to choose from.

    PM me if you have any additional questions....or go to the IVF by Location: Eastern Europe...then the Zlin threads. It is a busy place with LOTS of success!!

    Good luck to you,

  22. tmps: I have been thinking about you a lot and wondered how you were doing. COngratulations! I am so excited for you! I don't know if you remember me or not but we cycled at the same time at Cornell last Oct/nov... so happy to hear your great news!

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