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  1. I'm one of those trying not to worry about a slow start.

    Beta #1 (9dp5dt) - 38
    Beta #2 (11dp5dt) - 96

    Doubling time was good so I'm thinking positive! One more hurdle passed! GL to everyone and thanks for the inspiring storied for lower betas!

    Update: Beta #3 came in at 183 and my doc's office is happy with this. Not quite doubled from Beta #2 but very nearly. PHEW! Now the LOOONNG wait til first u/s!

    Another Update: We saw the heartbeat at 7 weeks and everything looks great!


  2. FET transferred 3 blasts. This is my 10th embryo transfer and 5th pregnancy..No living children yet!

    7p5dt= 70.76

    Came back to 2nd beta is 316.5 I am 10dp5dt today. Or should I say..4 weeks 1 day?? I am going to have an early u/s next week!

    Becky-10th embryo transfer!

  3. Transferrred two fresh embies...

    1st beta (10 days past a 3 day transfer) - 124

    2nd beta (12 days past a 3 day transfer) - 304

    My RE is happy with these numbers!

    Good luck to all of us!

  4. 14dp3dt 419
    17dp3dt 2055
    21dp3dt 8000

    I only put back 1 grade a 8-cell and a 3-cell that looked horrible but I am thinking these look like twin betas. What do you think?

  5. 9dp5dt= 232
    11dp6dt= 399
    14dp5dt= 1027
    16dp5dt= 1848
    18dp5dt=2496 WTF
    22dp5dt- 7298 saw a yolk sac on u/s!

    transferred 2 frozen blasts with assisted hatching

    2 boot only had a 6mm lining!

  6. 3dt of 6 embryos - 9,9,8,8,8 and 7 cell (42 years old)

    9dp3dt (12dpo) = 84
    12d3dt (15dpo)= 267 prog 140
    14d3dt (17dpo)= 700
    18d3dt (21dpo)=3424 prog 150

    one 7mm sac on u/s at 20dp3dt.

  7. Tranferred 2 youngihmfect blasts on day 5

    Beta #1- 9dp5dt 195
    Beta #2- 11dp5dt 483
    Beta #3- 13dpt5dt 970

    One blast took and split (ID twins!) and the other didn't take. I am currently almost 12w pregnant with identical twins

  8. Beta 9dp5dt: 293
    14dp5dt: 3153

    Transfer 2 grade B blasts. One split and am 7w pg with triplets! All measuring with each other and all have healthy heartbeats!

  9. I had another hcg level drawn..hope my u/s turns out just as good next week.

    7dp5dt- 70.76
    13dp5dt- 1868

    Doubling time seems adequate. Had some spotting/small bleeding..Makes me nervous!


  10. 9dp5dt= 232
    11dp6dt= 399
    14dp5dt= 1027
    16dp5dt= 1848
    18dp5dt=2496 WTF
    22dp5dt- 7298 saw a yolk sac on u/s!

    transferred 2 frozen blasts with assisted hatching

    2 boot only had a 6mm lining!

    bleeding scare brought me in for a u/s and found heartbeat beating at 111bpm at 6 weeks 2 days!

  11. 9dp7dt = 236
    12dp7dt= 1430

    FET ,was just one frozen blasto 7days, beta is a bit high , hope everything will be ok , the u/s 14 july
    have a nice day.

  12. Here's some to add ... transferred 2 fresh 5-day blasts (one 5AA one 4BB)

    10dp5dt - 200
    12dp5dt - 428
    19dp5dt - 5387
    29dp5dt - 29965

    Seems high for one and low for two and the u/s isn't for 5 more days due to scheduling conflicts ...

    How many hours I have wasted pouring over beta numbers? More than I care to admit!

    Update - u/s today confirmed heartbeat on healthy singleton for those who may be curious!

  13. Mine are old now. I'm 36 weeks now but because so many get high numbers I like to remind from time to time that they don't HAVE to be high to go well.

    6dp6dt 4.6
    9dp6dt 37

    Good luck to everyone!

  14. Had

    Beta 1- 8dp5d - 190
    Beta 2 - 11dp5d - 690

    Dr. Stated congrads and scheduled US for July 29th,,, what shouls/can I do but wait to make sure all us well besides stay on meds, etc... First BFP so I have no clue what to think/expect.... and three weeks seems like a long time to make sure all goes well in there

  15. beta
    12dp5dt-- 729

    We put back 2 expanding blasts
    U/S scheduled for Aug. 6th

  16. Can't believe I'm able to do this....

    Here we go:

    11dpo (did IUI this time)--142
    13dpo --391

  17. stunned I'm able to report this, after 12 years of infertility, diagnosed with ovulation dysfunction and severe MFI
    Planning on starting my IVF/ICSI cycle when Aunt Flo showed.....
    Natural conception on Femara!
    beta of 354 on 16 dpo

  18. 10dp5dt- 253

    We had a blastocyst and a morula transferred. U/S scheduled 7/27. I agree, sgreeney, it seems like a long time of not doing anything (except meds) until the u/s. Trying to be balance my excitement with my nervousness!

  19. FET 8dp5dt= 264
    7/31 u/s
    2 blasts transferred

  20. Awesome first beta Bah, congratulations!

  21. Hi Ladies! I have not posted much on here, but just got my first set of beta numbers back. It takes a week to get them. I am on a military base and they don't have a lab here so they have to send them out. Takes forever!!!

    Anyway here are my numbers: 13dp4dt was 837.
    2 were transferred and we have our first US on August 7th!

  22. 14dp3dt- 540
    Transferred two fresh embies!

  23. 14dp6dt or 21 dpo- 1605

  24. Just had my 2nd beta done last week. Results are:

    12,578 for 20dp4dt compared to 837 for 13dp4dt

    8-7-09 Ultrasound confirmed it's twins!!!

  25. Betas:

    12dp3dt (15dpo) - 216
    17dpo - 578
    19dpo - 1,601

    Ultrasound in two weeks!

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