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  1. I would love to see what you ladies have had for betas-

    I was 9dp3det and it was 44
    Scheduled for another beta tomorrow and friday.

  2. Congrats! Mine was 69 11dp3dt. I am 23 weeks today!


  3. My beta was

    977 17dpo

    Still waiting for my first ultrasound ...

  4. wow nasalmeida!! I would guess you have MORE THAN ONE!!! CONGRATS!!

  5. Mine was 106 17dpo. Is that too low? I go for my second tomorrow.

  6. I would think not Angel since mine was 100 at 16dpo and I am 9 and a half weeks now having seen the h/b twice. So I don't think it's low at all...maybe a late implanter?

  7. Hi everyone~
    8dp5dt ~ 88. Clinic says anything over 60 is good. hope this is ok... next beta is friday, so I will have a better idea then. Always something to stress over... ~Chris

  8. I was 206 at 10dp5dt (from a natural FET), then my second beta came back yesterday at 432. Seems kind of textbook. Now begins the excruciating wait for a sonogram!

  9. May I chime in?

    11dp2dt I had 50.7 I go for my follow-up tomorrow. My clinic does the first BETA 2 weeks after ER.

    The second BETA was 236!

  10. Hello ladies!

    My BETA\'s:

    19 dpo - 409
    21 dpo - 964
    23 dpo - 2143

    u/s tomorrow (can't wait!!!)

  11. We're also guessing I have more than one in there.

    So don't let my crazy high number scare anyone! LOL! All those lower numbers seem youngihmfectly normal.

    UPDATE: I am carrying twins, confirmed today

  12. Went for my second beta today. I am 18dpo and it was 221. 16 dpo it was 106. My doctor said it was good because it doubled in the two days but I keep hearing such higher beta's at 18dpo that it makes me a little nervous. Any thoughts.

  13. My first beta 18dpo was 596,
    my 2nd beta 20dpo was 1201
    and my 3rd, 25dpo was 6347.
    I go for my first MD appt on Friday-hoping he will do an ultrasound. I am so anxious to SEE something to make it real.

  14. Hi I am 12dpo and my beta was 687 go friday for another one

  15. 1st Beta: 14 days past 3day ET: 215

    2nd Beta: 16 days past 3 days ET: 510

    My first ultrasound will be on Monday which is only 21 days past the ET. Doesn't that seem a bit early for an us?

    Thanks and GL to all!

  16. 16 dpo or 11 days past a 5-day transfer: 518.

    They do not do repeat betas at my clinic and give HCG boosters. So, I will not know anything more until the 1st u/s in a couple weeks. The nail-biting, boob-poking madness continues as we wait for another test!

  17. 13dp5dt beta of 66 and second beta of 226 15dp5dt. Was initially worried but since more than doubled feeling much better. Women with lower betas, please try not to worry.

  18. Mine was 37.6 at 15dpo. I'm 8 months along now. They can be low at the beginning and work out fine. Good luck to everyone.

  19. Mine was 66 at 15dpo. I'll be 21 weeks tomorrow. Good luck to all of you but try not to worry if your first beta number isn't "a huge number" or "textbook" it can work out just fine!

  20. My betas were

    15dp3dt: 193

    No more betas scheduled but have an ultrasound on 6/24. I am pretty nervous since the number started off low. Just keeping my fingers crossed.

  21. Had only one official beta 13p3dt 523. US in the AM. Thinking it is a pretty high number. Ultrasound today 3 heartbeats

  22. My numbers so far have been:

    10dp3dt =58
    12dp3dt =158

    My clinic keeps doing betas every 2 days until you reach 1000 and then they schedule ans u/s.

  23. Beta #1: 12dp3dt -> 580
    Beta #2: 16dp3dt -> 3,140

    We\'re growing!

    u/s scheduled for 7/2/09 - hoping that everything is ok and dying to know how many are in there?!

    UPDATE as of 7/2: Fraternal TWINS!!!, all parts look as they should for 6 weeks, we even saw both heart flickers. Due 2/25/10

  24. My Beta #'s DE Cycle


    We Transferred 2 expanded Blasts.
    U/S Scheduled for July 10th....

  25. Beta is 206 at 9dp5dt with 2 blast transferred.
    Beta is 456 at 11dp5dt

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