Co-Sleeper/Alternative to Bassinet and Pack n Play?

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  1. I have a very large (16 lbs/26 inches) 3 month old who no longer fits in the wonderful rolling bassinet I have been using (the Pottery Barn Brannan Bassinet). I love the bassinet because it rolls from room to room and it sits up high next to my bed rather than low to the ground (as would be the case if I put him in a pack and play in our room). I am not ready to put him in his crib in his room at night. I would also like to keep from putting a full crib in my room or using a pack n play. I was thinking about buying the Arm's Reach Original Co-Sleeper, but I'm not sure how long I can use it. I think the limit is 25 pounds, but that would at least buy me a few more months to get used to the idea of putting him in his own room. I realize pack and play is a solution, but I don't like that because I like him close to my bed and a little higher off the ground. Anyone have any ideas???

  2. I had the arms reach co sleeper & I'm not sure it would buy you very much time (and, they aren't cheap). Once they can sit up/pull themselves up, it's dangerous because the sides aren't very high. But, I could be wrong!

    Of course, mine went to total waste as I ended up cosleeping until I put her in her crib at 6.5 months!

    Maybe someone else will have a better idea!


  3. we had the mini-cosleeper, and used that for 6 months, then transitioned to the crib. it was definately time to transition at 6 months!!!! I think there is a bigger one, but it still has the shallow sides, so you need to transition before they can roll, etc.

  4. Thank you for your responses. I think I'll try to find a deal on a co-sleeper since it sounds like I won't use it for too long.


    I used this one, it was great, fit thru all the doors. If you can't find it online check out craigslist.

    Good Luck!

  6. Our boys are 5 months and 26.5 inches. While they don't fit in it together anymore, we still use the Original Co-sleeper when they nap individually. They have been rolling for awhile now so we just have all four sides up and that has been fine. I plan to keep using it until they are too long to fit in it length wise- but once they are sitting I will put it on the lower level.

  7. you may want to check the cosleeper's measurements- it was my impression that it's about the same size as the crib or pack and play.

    my 6 month old is a similar weight (!) as yours, but somewhat longer. he still fits in our cosleeper mini, but soon i won't be able to use it b/c the sides are so shallow and he can pull himself up and over. does early motor development run in your family? my middle son was pulling to stand at 6 months- if that happened to you, you'd only have 3 months of use out of it.

    also, when we use the cosleeper mini in the bassinet mode- it tends to collapse. not sure if it is just our model or a manufacturing defect, but if you'd be moving it from room to room, you'd have to be very careful about this.

  8. Just in case anyone looks at this post and has a problem similar to mine, I ended up getting one of these after reading emel's post and it is wonderful! Plus, I am happy I will have something nice to offer guests to use for years to come. I don't know why more people don't buy these instead of bassinets - much more longevity - Love it!

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