Clomid to Injectibles. How many IUI cycles before your BFP

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  1. I am curious. I have always done clomid and had success with it once but ended in M/C. My RE now wants to move me to injectables. Gonal I think. I was wondering how many cycles did it take once you moved on to injectbales to get your BFP. Thanks

  2. For me it took three, but the first two I only produced 1 follie. On the third I had three follies and one took.


  3. i did 4 clomid IUIs and then 3 injectible. i just got my 1st bfp on my 3rd injectible IUI (7th IUI total). ive only had 1 beta so far, but im counting this as a bfp
    not sure why my RE had my on clomid for 4 cycles. i had a better response with the injectibles.

  4. I had 4 fresh IVFs, 1.5 years of IUIs (sorry lost count but definitely past 6)
    Finally got my 1 BFP.

  5. Only had to do 1 and had twins. Good luck.

  6. 2 rounds of IVF-failed
    4 rounds of iui-3 failed but one.....
    last cycle used clomid with injectibles and got one beautiful son. Good luck!

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