Clinics with a ready-made pool of frozen eggs?

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  1. Does anyone know which clinics now offer a ready-made pool of frozen eggs from donors? Any information that folks could share on this option and the clinics that offer it would be greatly appreciated. It sounds as though it would be simpler and less expensive than the more traditional route with fresh donor cycles, but I'm sure there are probably drawbacks I haven't thought of.

    Also--does anyone know if SIRM now offers this option? If we end up going the donor route, ideally, I'd like to find a clinic that's also sympathetic to immune issues.

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  2. RBA in Atlanta and they're supposed to be great to deal with
    New Hope in NYC but I tried to deal w them and they're totally disorganized and unprofessional
    SIRM does have their program up and running but it's new so they do not yet have a lot of eggs in the bank


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