Clinics offering shared risk for advanced age

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  1. I was wondering if anyone had heard of any US clinics offering shared risk (or discounted 2nd IVF cycles when 1st cycle fails) to those of us over 39. It seems that all clinics have a cut off of 39 years or less. It's sort of frustrating when I see advertisements for shared-risk, but then see the fine print that I don't qualify.

  2. I haven't heard of one... If you read the fine print, it pretty much caters towards the mass \"easier\" cases... young, no known diseases like endo, fibroids, etc... If all of the tougher cases like AMA, endo, uterine anomalies, etc... sign up for the shared risk, they'd no longer be in business... Personally, I think only the few surprise tough cases really benefit from shared risks... They quality base on the criterias, and they surprise the RE by being a difficult case to crack.

  3. I used ARC. Got a slight discount for 2 IVF's at 42. Had 1 previous IVF failure and AMA. Otherwise \"unexplained\".

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