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  1. I think I've found a donor that I like, but unfortunately she's not in my state, she in New York (Brooklyn). I'm not familiar with many clinics in the area, but just have some basic knowledge. I'd like to find a clinic that does vitrification, but the only name I'm coming up with is SIRM.

    Are there any others in NY offering vitrification? Also, does anyone have any experience using SIRM with a donor?

    I'm open to any and all recommendations.


  2. we cycled with Dr T at SIRM NY, and they do indeed vitrify. i had done several cycles w him w OE and then moved on to DE in november. the reason we used an agency donor was so that we could keep working w Dr T because DH and I both think the world of him and his staff. if you want to discuss a DE cycle at SIRM just let me know. i think that nyu might vitrify too

  3. mairead - I have read a lot of favorable things about Dr. T on the IVFC boards. Did they charge you a $1575 donor case management fee? Ouch! I'm having a hard time getting past it, as that's not a charge that came up with any of my OE IVF cycles. For that, they should be picking up my donor in a limo and driving them to the clinic!

  4. ha, yes they did! DE is soooh expensive that is was a drop in the $40+k ocean for us! our donor had to travel so we had to pay airfare, hotel, per diems etc in november which was v pricey.

    but to be honest sirm did an awesome job w our donor. they monitored her very regularly, even took her blood the day after the trigger shot to be sure she had administered it correctly, so we had the peace of mind knowing that everything would work out. and jocelyn the nurse gave the donor her cell phone no so she was available 24x7 in case anything came up.

    also, this was our donor's fifth cycle and she had the best result of all five as Dr T is very thorough and went through all four of the prior protocols to be sure he got his right.

  5. New Hope fertility also offer vitrification. But you/the donor may not get the more 'personal' treatment that SIRM NY probably offers......

    BW, Carrie

  6. Yes, I do prefer a warm and fuzzy feeling about the clinic. If New Hope doesn't offer that, then I'm not intereted.

    Just and update, I called NYU and they said they offer vitrification. I also called Cornell, and the receptionist had no idea what it was and kept putting me on hold to find someone who knew but couldn't find anyone. Then she told me that I would need to set up an appointment to ask the doctor that.

  7. cornell definitely does not vitrify and new hope has an awful reputation

    NYU is bigger than SIRM but very well run and regarded, are they ok w using an agency donor? i know they have one agency they work with, i think it's based in TX.

    SIRM is very well run and Dr T is available 24x7 on his email so you can always get in touch with him and not have to stress. also they called me immediately after each donor appt to give me the update which i really liked.

    btw, you may know this already, but other costs you should inquire about include icsi, assisted hatching, embryo freezing and embryo storage, cost of an fet in the event you need one.

    how exciting that you've found a donor, that was the most stressful part for us, after that it all came together so quickly.

  8. Yes, NYU accepts donors from agencies. The donor that I have tentatively chosen is actually about to start her first cycle at NYU. I will have to decide if I want to cycle with her at NYU again, go to SIRM or another clinic.

    I guess there are benefits to cycling a donor again at the same clinic she just cycled at, but SIRM was the first clinic I thought of when I realized that the donor I liked best was in NY. I love the fact that Dr. T is available via email and that you get an update after each donor appt. I you should get something for the $1575 case management fee.

    It's taken me 2 years and 2 additional IVF's with OE to find a donor that I liked. I couldn't even begin to estimate how many profiles I've viewed. Hopefully chosing a clinic will be easier.

  9. it's a big decision to make so don't beat yourself up. i think we all did at least one cycle too many before moving on, at least we have the peace of mind of knowing that it was time.

    is this the donor's first cycle? there is definitely a lot to be said for having her stay at the same clinic. first, the REs have her full records so they know exactly how to stim her. second, they'll know whether or not the prior cycle was successful - i just wonder if they will share this info w you? can you ask NYU? typically post ER and fert'n the embys are the property of the IPs so you dont get a lot of info on day 3/day 5 progress, how many tx'd, bfp, live birth rate, frosties etc...that's one of the big benefits of going with an inhouse donor, i would just check w NYU that you'll get all the info you need.

    how does the total cost at NYU compare to SIRM?

  10. Thanks, mairead. Yes this will be the donor's first cycle. Someone else got her a couple of days before I did, but I guess they get to take all the risk. The agency / owner has been so helpful, I think (hope) she will share with me if this donor does well or not.

    Regarding the cost difference between NYU and SIRM, I need to talk with their business office to learn more. It looks like NYU is slightly more expensive on some things, and SIRM is on others.

  11. my guess is that the costs will probably come out about the same, so you just need to see which one you're most comfortable with.

    do you need to commit to the donor ahead of the results of her first cycle?
    and do you know when you might cycle, how long will the donor need to take off between cycles, i think the REs recommend about 90 days

    the agency may not get the info you need, especially post ER as the clinics are not supposed to share it once the eggs are fert'd they become the 'property' of the IPs. has your agency worked with NYU in the past? if so they may know the answer already

  12. btw, Dr T has only been with SIRM for about two years now. his success rates with FETs are slightly better than with fresh as they vitrify and his embryologist is top notch. i think you can get the success rates for the NY clinic only on the website

  13. Hi gals - Does anyone know what the cost differential (savings)is at SIRM to
    bringing your own donor(sister) or that of agency?


  14. You save the cost of the agency fee and the fee to the donor. The cycling fees are the same.

  15. Which is how much at Sirm? est.


  16. You need to call them and ask. It depends on the type of cycle the donor would do, how much medication would be needed (which you also have to pay for), whether you would use ICSI, etc.

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