Clinic Advice Needed - NJ IVF, S. Ca. Repro Center, or SDFC

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks to those that have helped me narrow the search.
    We're now debating between the above three Centers.
    The donor is in Los Angeles and we're in NYC.
    The California Centers have an 80% live birth rate and NJ IVF has a 65% live birth rate.
    Can we rely on the SART stats and, if so, should we just go to the clinic with the best stats?
    All thoughts appreciated!


  2. I would go with the clinic that is closest to the donor - what are the differences in the stats between the two clinics?

    I have found that traveling to the clinic is better and easier than the donor traveling to you. If you get increased stats then that is simply a plus that I would take advantage of.


  3. that's an interesting response Amshel. we're just moving on to DE this fall and we're going to have our donor, when we find her, come to nyc to cycle with our RE. we think this works best for us because it's less stress and disruption for us, the cost is about the same, and we really trust our RE. fyi we work with dr tortoriello at sirm.

    also, i'm not sure that i trust the stats that are published by the clinics re DE. how can it be that in the polls on this thread only 50% of us get pg the first time while these clinics claim that it's up to 80%?

  4. You'd have to consider that the women responding to the polls are cycling at clinics all over the country and the success rate you see on the poll is thus more reflective of the national average success for DE than of any individual clinic. There are many clinics that do much better than the national average with their DE programs.

  5. I said what I said based on experience. We are on our 2nd cycle and the first (where we had agency donor come to us) was a lot more stressful than where we used in house donor and went to the clinic.

    As far as stats, if you look on the sart page you will find their official numbers. I agree that when you ask on the boards, those are going to be skewed numbers as most women don't do polls, etc. You have to use the rates posted. Also, when looking at even the sart numbers - look at the total number of cycles they did. Some would argue that more cycles is better than a clinic who does few cycles.

    I would also go to the CA and NY boards and ask for women's experiences at each of the clinics (and specifically ask for donor egg cycles as if you ask about just cycling you can't really compare as ivf and de cycles are completely different - and some are much better at one than the other.)


  6. got it, tks Amshel. i'm all for low stress alternatives! i had started a poll here earlier and more than 2x of us who do DE use a clinic vs an agency.

  7. Thanks so much. I appreciate your comments.

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