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  1. Hi,

    What prenatal classes can I with IC and a preventive cerclage attend? I need to ask my Peri, but trust this board's opinion better


  2. I have a cerclage and I'm going to about 3 different classes...I'll be at a Breastfeeding class next month and I think an Infant Care class as well as a C-section class with hospital tour in October

    I'm not sure just because we have a cerclage that the classes we'd take would be any different.

  3. Thanks Dikaiakos,
    I\'m sorry, I should have been more specific with my question. I was wondering if any of the prenatal Yoga like classes are safe/beneficial for us.

  4. Oooh, okay...not sure about that since I haven't done any. I did prenatal Yoga with a DVD last pgcy but didn't have a cerclage than and ended up losing that pgcy. So this time I've done nothing.

  5. I think it depends on your situation and history and what type of cerclage you have. Also what comfort level you have in participating in activity. With a Shirodkar preventative cerclage, I was given the okay to swim - and it took me a while to feel comfortable to go ahead with it. But that is all that I've decided my body can handle and as I'm nearing 30 weeks, I find that I'm getting uncomfortable and having many more BHs - so I will eliminate any type of extra curricular activity by the end of this week.

    Good luck! May you have an uneventful "normal" pregnancy!

  6. Thanks Gals!

    I too have a Shirodkars and am 18 wks now. Right now things look okay, but am so scared to participate in anything. At this rate I feel I may get very heavy and thats not so good either. I do have a tendency to put on lbs esp. if inactive despite the diet patterns. Anyway, I should see what my Peri says. Wish you both lots of great luck!

  7. I would not do anything strenuous. I know some peris say different things that normal activity can be resumed but my ob told me a cerclage was a tool so that patients were not completely on bedrest throughout their pregnancy. It was not supposed to allow normal activity.

    I did not take a bath or swim with mine in. I also dilated at 25wk5d with my first McDonald cerclage and delivered that day probably because of an infection I think I might have had. I made it to 37 weeks with my Shrodikar next pregnancy but spent most of pregnancy on bedrest to make it to term.

    Having lived through a failed cerclage, I would not push it. Don't worry about putting on pounds, just focus on cervical rest and not putting pressure on that cervix.

    Sorry for the downer but it is far better to gain a few pounds and go to term then have a micropreemie in NICU for 3 months. I was also doing modified bedrest for that failed cerclage pregnancy.


  8. I'd definitely check with your doctor. I could not do anything besides get up to use the restroom.

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