Cheapest way to get a donor egg?

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  1. What is the cheapest way to get a donor egg?

    Our insurance will pay for the lab freezing and embryo transfer of the donor egg (like if the egg was already in the freezer), but as far as finding and paying out costs to the donor for their time or travel expense-we are on our own. In a nutshell, we can't afford that.

    Don\'t any RE's out there just keep a stash of donor eggs in the freezer? It seems like everything I'm reading, involves a whole, complicated process.


  2. There are many options, yes.

    One of the most affordable is to do a split fresh donor egg cycle from an in-house donor. Many clinics offer this.

    Some clinics also offer a shared risk program. i.e. pay a set amount ($20,000. or???), then you get 3-6 tries--with using frozen embryos from fresh batches before doing another fresh. If no baby, then some money back.

    It feels overwhelming to most starting to research this.
    Good luck!


  3. New Hope Fertilty in NYC, SIRM clinics, and CCRM have frozen egg banks (not huge ones though). The reason these clinics have egg banks is that they offer vitrification freezing which makes egg freezing a viable option.

    New Hope offers 3 eggs for $7500 (just eggs) and if no BFP will give you 1 or maybe 2 more eggs for free. I have a friend that has a 2 month old from a $7500 vial of 3 eggs.

    CCRM and SIRM are offering entire cycles (all the eggs from 1 donor). I think CCRM is $20,000 (for just the eggs) and SIRM is a bit less.

    A freind is preg with twins from CCRM frozen eggs and I believe she has 8 or 9 frozen blasts for siblings...a bit unusual to get that many frosties.

    There is also a website that offers frozen eggs. I forgot the details. I think the agency is in Phoenix.

    Good luck

  4. reproductive biology associates in ATLANTA ga, Dr Shapiro- they have a Frozen donor egg bank- you get 8 eggs- for 16k, they gurantee you to get 2 blasts for transfer after insemination. You must have normal or over 1 million motile sperm for that gurantee. They have good stats and the eggs are vitrified. You go on there and choose the "donor eggs" you want- and get started. Pretty simple- Dr shapiro is very nice guy too.

    We are using SEFC in Mt Pleasant SC- their split cycles are 14k- my donor i have chosen had over 38 eggs retrieved last cycle- they will "stim her less" this time-with 2 pregnanceis- i should get at least 10 eggs if not more. And their Fresh and frozen stats are awesome. I only waited 2 months for profiles from date of my consult- donor chosen- if holidays weren't coming up i could start with this af and be cycle with ER/ET in 1 1/2 months. They also have shared risk thru ATTAIN/integramed- any clinics that have this says alot about their success- b/c only GOOD clinics really can offer this.


  5. you can also go Spain 12k, Mexico (Mex. ED $9,600 or U.S. ED 10K). The U.S. ED comes from New Hope in NY... as mentioned New Hope does frozen egg cycles in NY.

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