Chart for tracking twins first few months?

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  1. Has anyone found a good template to use for a chart to track twins first few months at home? I mean for tracking feeding and diaper changes. I'm almost at 32 weeks and would like to get one copied and ready for when the babies come home. I'm sure that I won't be able to remember who ate what after no sleep!

  2. sorry i can't help but you might also want to post this on the \"Parenting Multiples\" board for better response since they have been through it.

  3. when i helped take care of my sisters twins we just used a notebook and drew a \"spreadsheat\" which included amount in oz. the boys ate, whether it was breast milk or formula, whether they had wet or dirty diaper, and the time the feeding stopped. This worked fine- but i am going to create my own that is typed on the computer than put it is a three ring binder. I did find one in the back of my Dr. Lukes book but to me that looked more confusing than just making your own.
    And yes you are correct you will not remember who ate and when unless you write it down.

  4. We use a lined steno pad. We use a separate page for every day. Each child has two columns--one for time and one for whatever we are tracking. For example, DS had a bottle this morning at 6:30, so we noted the time of the first bottle and the amount he ate--7 oz., the next thing was the diaper change (usually done while they are drinking to make it easier on us--they aren't trying to turn over) and we use DIA if it's just wet or BM with a circle (easier to spot them on the page) for a bowel movement. I also used the steno pad to track when they hit other milestones like the first time they rolled over, or sat up, or walked. We have triplets and we've been using this system for a little over a year now. DH is already asking me when we can stop and I told him when they can talk well enough to tell me if they're hungry and when the last time they ate was! LOL Sleep deprivation does funny things to the brain--and it's nice even if you have help because lots of times they forget too. Good luck!


  5. I created weekly charts on excel. Like the others, I chart the time of the feeding, how much, wet & dirty diapers, burping & miscellaneous notes such as if there was a significant spit up or something else. At the end of the week, I figure out the averages of how much they ate. Since the pediatrician keeps asking how much they are sleeping as well, I am going to start keeping track of that - but only in the week leading up to their monthly check ups. My twins are only 5 weeks old so I am sleep deprived & delirious and I would be absolutely lost without these charts. Plus it's great info to have for the ped.

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