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  1. Has anyone used Donor eggs which underwent CGH for better success rates ruling out possible miscarriage due to anueploidy, these are done at CCRM and SIRM.

  2. Just my opinion but due to the age of the donor I wouldn't do it. If I were using my own eggs (Age 42) it would be a different story. When you take eggs to blast alot of the abnormal ones do not make it anyway.

  3. I am doing it on my donor egg embryos. We are testing 8 blasts. On Wed it will be 4 weeks since they were sent in. We are at CCRM. We did it because we are doing eSETs and did not want to waste any time with miscarriages. In many of the CGH-tested embryos at CCRM the highest graded blasts have turned out to be abnormal.

    Our doctor did not recommend doing it. I am stubborn and decided I thought it was the best decision for me so I went ahead anyway. If you are not worried about transferring 2 at a time I would not recommend it.

  4. What does eSet mean ?

    And I am ok transferring two at a time.

  5. eSET - elective single embryo transfer - when you want to transfer just one to stop any chance of twins.

    This is opposed to SET - where you only transfer one because you only have one!

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