Cecelia Rose or Isabella Rose

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  1. Hello,
    We are due in Nov 09 and struggling with these two names;

    Cecelia Rose or Isabella Rose

    Cecelia was my grandmother's name so that would be kind of nice, however Isabella is such a beautiful name, although it is sorta over used these days.

    Any opinions would be helpful


  2. I like Cecelia better, but I'm kind of partial to names that have good songs named after them. Somebody has done a modern remix of the song "Cecelia". youtube.com

  3. Isabella is my husband's top choice but it is SO popular right now that I'm not sure. But I agree, it is a beautiful name.

  4. Thanks for your input ladies, ughhh so hard to decide. Maybe I will just have to see her little face and then I will know


  5. Cecelia---I love the nick name cece and will probably choose something similar. Enjoy the search.

  6. cecelia definitely.

  7. cecelia rose is a beautiful name! Good luck!

  8. cecelia!!!

  9. OH THANKS SO MUCH LADIES, I AM FEELING A LITTLE MORE CONFIDENT ABOUT NAMING HER CECELIA!!!! I guess I was having a little hard time because my 16 year old son really thinks that Cecelia is not a pretty name. I know it is probably just his age talking!! ha ha

    thanks again

  10. They are both very beautiful names, but it would be lovely to name your baby after your grandmother. I think they both have the same romantic feel to them. Isabella has always been one of my favorites but there are a lot of little Isabellas running around these days.

  11. Cecilia (or Cecelia) is one of my all-time favorite names, and if we have a girl her middle name will be Rose, too. (My grandmother was Rose and it's my mother's middle name.)

  12. I love Cecelia and naming after her after your grandmother is a lovely thing. I am a big fan of waiting to see the baby's face. I had a completely different name picked out for my DD but when I saw her face I changed my mind. But Cecelia is a classic, beautiful name and a really good choice.


  13. Cecelia for sure! Such a beautiful name. Isabella is sooooo popular right now.

  14. So glad to hear that I am not the only one who loves the name Cecelia!!!! I am due in about 3 weeks and have pretty much decided that I will name her Cecelia.

    Thanks for your input and support

  15. Cecelia is hands down my favorite of the two. There will be about 2 million Issabellas running around thanks to Twilight, already joining the millions that are already here.


  16. Another vote for Cecelia. Isabella really is very pretty, but yes. Way overused right now.

    Sounds like you're good with Cecelia, but just to throw another idea out there: I actually love the name Celia. It's my BFF's name, and it's more my style (less "frilly"). But Cecelia is lovely too.

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