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  1. Hello Ladies,

    How are you doing? May I ask who is your IVF doctor if you had success with IVF? I am torning apart which one is better for \"old\" woman between CCRM and Cornell? I have DOR and a low AMH.

    Thanks a million for your opinion.


  2. I haven't cycled at Cornell, only CCRM. They are my third clinic. Compared to the others, they are a more precise around the edges and more inclusive with their treatments. For example, they said NO drug mixing (to reduce # of shots) and my prior clinic encouraged me to do it. They use steroid during cycle--prior clinic did not. I was told to do shots at EXACTLY 12 hour intervals, etc. CCRM has a great lab and the docs will tell you \"a protocol is a protocol, most good clinics can do that, but our lab makes us stand out . . ..\"

    CCRM is also participating in a study that permits patients to do comprehensive chromosomal testing and the results are quite staggering (over 80% success apparently). Unfortunately, someone AMA/DOR may not be able to take advantage b/c you need to make blasts to really get the best benefits from this program--CGH and/or Microarray.

    Good luck.

  3. Hello gpipinos,

    Thank you for sharing. May I ask did you have success at CCRM on your first try there? And what was your age by then?

    Thank you.


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