Cardiomyopathy and CHF wanting to get pg again

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  1. I had cardiomyopathy and Congested Heart Failure after the birth of our twins, 2 yrs ago at age 44. At the time my cardiologist told me not to get pg again since my EF went to 20%, normal is 55%. At last check my EF was 52% and I am due for another echo-cardiogram soon.

    We have two frozen blast left, I really want to try myself.

    Has anyone else had this and if so, did you go ahead and get PG again.


  2. I have not had this, but have taken care of a woman who did. She ended up on the transplant list and DID get a heart, but still lived for less than 5 years. Just because your heart was able to recover after the first pregnancy (although 52% is still low for a 44 yo), there is no guarantee that it would after a second pregnancy. I would not risk it for the sake of your twins who need their mother. Not to mention your dp who could end up having to parent alone. (I'm assuming that you have a partner...if so what is their take? If not...I would seriously have to say no for the sake of your children.)

    Have you considered a gestational carrier? I empathize with your situation. I just would never be able to take that risk myself.

    Good luck and good health! Congrats on your twins.

  3. Thank you so much for your reply. I was told that 52% was just below normal and good for a 46 yr old.

    I do have a DH who was wonderful in taking care of and helping with the babies.

    I looked on the internet yesterday and the results of recovering a second time are not worth it to me/us. We are looking into a GS. Or, may end up donating the embryos if that doesn't work for us.

    Thanks again. I appreciate the input.


  4. 52% is a good recovery, but it is still a compromised heart. I am glad that you and your dh are looking into alternatives. I hope that you can find a GS and complete your family.

    Best wishes.

  5. I was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy and CHF in 2006 after the birth of my daughter. My ejection fraction was 25% and it is currently 50-55%. I was told not to risk another pregnancy so I chose to donate my leftover frozen embryo. It seemed like an easy decision at the time but I think about what could have been from time to time. I know it was the best decision as I feel I have to be as healthy as I can for the children I already have, but it still hurts. You can check out for info on Cardiomyopathy and hear others stories and successful future pregnancies.

  6. PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT donate these embryos or use a GS for them. There is a documented case of the PPCM embryo transferring PPCM to the surrogate. Please go to to get all the up to date information.

  7. I appreciate your concern.

    My Cardiologist said my CHF was related to meds, mutilples and age. Nothing to do with my embyros.

    Please continue to educate the woman on this board. Did you post on the pg boards? I wish someone would have told me about the signs.

    Thank you and take care.


  8. I was looking up this documented case and was unable to find it - can you direct me to the specific post? Thanks

  9. Hello,

    Here is the link. I was reading about it this morning. Interesting but it is the only case this Dr. knows about.

    Did you have CHF also?

    Best Wishes - ML

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