Can you pronounce this name?

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  1. Hi,

    I am 33 weeks with a boy and we are Scottish/Irish and going with an appropriate name. We have a choice of 2 spellings for one of our favourites but I am concerned no one on this side of the Atlantic will be able to pronouce our preferred spelling:


    Sorry if it is easy for most to pronounce! I was just worried. What do you think??

    theodora fwtiou

  2. Hi...
    I love the name Euan..
    I Just got back from Scottland ( our whole family is there)
    and it is commonly spelled Ewan ....which seems a bit more phonetic ( how do you spell that hahahaha)
    We are considering ..Rowan, Duncan, Broden ( all scottish)

    Great name Euan ...

  3. Hi,
    I\'ve never been to Scotland (but my great-grandfather was from there) and to be perfectly honest I wouldn't be sure how to pronounce that name from the spelling. I could pronounce Ewan, but Euan...not unless you told me beforehand.

  4. Definitely Ewan.

  5. I would not know how to pronounce the name either...sorry.

  6. Deffo know to pron it Ewan - DH's best man is called Euan, nice name!

    I\'m from New Zealand so lots of English influence here, maybe not so common in the States?

  7. I am the minority. Your spelling Euan, I totally got. If McGregor hadn't been after Ewan, I was tripping over that one. I don't think I had ever seen that name spelled out. Heard it lots though. To look at the name though, I prefer Ewan. I guess maybe because in your spelling the there are three vowels and only one constinent? Unbalanced to the eye perhaps!

    At any rate, congratulations. What a great challange to have. Enjoy every second when he makes his arrival!

  8. Aesthetically, I like the Ewan spelling better, but you're the one who's going to have to write it, so choose what you like.

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