Can temporary stress affect milk supply?

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  1. Hello, I've been pumping and bottling my dd. This weekend my sister is here visiting and she and I don't get along in the most ideal situations. I was wondering if temporary stress can affect mil supply? and if so, what can I do to bring it up? I've heard that long term stress that one endures on a daily basis for long perid of time can affect supply, so I was wondering about temporary stress or anxiety? I'm very worried about this and fear this could potientally put my supply in for a dive My sister is going home tomorrow and is here for the weekend and my baby shower is tomorrow and I"m sure it will be stressful for me then because of my sister and to add to this my mil will be there too ugh help!!!!


  2. Stress can affect let down and might affect supply. Maybe try some rescue remedy. Make sure you eat and keep your fluid intake up too.

  3. Thanks, I'm keeping diligant on the fluids What rescue remidies would you know of?

  4. Rescue remedy is a Bach flower remedy that is available from health food stores. It works as a homeopathic and its indication is to comfort and reassure.

    It can be used on babies too, in their bath or on the skin.

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