can someone help me with lil einstein evites

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  1. I've decided on a little einsteins bday party...complete with a person coming to do experiments and a rocket launch (no, not as good as ponies!!! But maybe the performer will poo in my yard).

    Anyway, I've never done evites...can I get an evite that has a little einsteins picture? I am techno challenged!

  2. LA - I will take a shot at it for you.

    BJS has an awesome rocket set for $20 if you get a chance - huge crowd pleaser - we brought to the beach and my kids and our playdate kids went crazy for it!

  3. I don't think you can do the actual characters but this one is really close

    I typed in "Space" on the search evite function and that one came up.

  4. You should get some of those stomp rockets and let the kids go to town.

  5. Lisa, I love you!! The party is on the (and all the ma ladies) are welcome to come!!

    Thanks for the ideas, ladies!

  6. i was able to do it no problem but i don't know how to give it to you (kwim). what is your email address and i will email you the picture i used with detailed instructions on how to create your own evite. if i remember correctly you are not on facebook?

  7. ps - not to bring up the dreaded "goody" bag but i was at the dollar store down here a few weeks ago and got these awesome mosaic craft (stickers) that are like a rocket ship - it is very cool - kind of like paint by number but it is stick by number - so you can squash all the party goers creativity while you shove HFCS in their mouths to celebrate!!!

  8. (no, not as good as ponies!!! But maybe the performer will poo in my yard).

    Now THAT would be an interesting party! That gave me a good laugh!


    does the link work? i completely missed the pooping in the yard comment - very very funny.

    edited to add - we can change the backdrop to all purple with swirls or a solid color and we can get rid of the balloons on the side or we could add a picture of j on the sides.

  10. Lisa, you are the best! I just sent an email...I wasn't able to see the evite you posted because I am not logged in as you (??). OMG, I am such a train wreck!

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