Can I have a successful pregnancy again? (Child mentioned, loss mentioned)

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  1. I have been going through IVF treatments for a few years now. Before I ask any questions I would briefly mention my history:

    IVF#1: Fresh cycle, miscarried at 6 weeks
    IVF#2: Fresh cycle delivered via c-sec dd at 39 weeks in 2006
    IVF#3: Frozen cycle, chemical pregnancy
    IVF#4: Frozen cycle, ectopic pregnancy
    IVF#5: Fresh cycle.....I was very very excited about concieving twin boys and after my second trimester I had a very unfortunate loss at 24 weeks in May 2009. I had gone for a scheduled US and they noticed funneling and a cervis of 1.1cm. I was immdeiately admitted and put on Mag, terbutaline and all kinds of meds. Inspite of all the efforts they had to do emergency classical C-sec to deliver my twins.

    After this unfortunate experience I am facing the dilemma if I should try one more frozen cycle or not? My biggest scare is what if I go in PTL again? The docs say that I should try again and if I become pregnant they will do preventive cerclage and P17 shots in second trimester. Also I am worried if the classical c-sec will give any problems? What are the chances of successful single pregnancy after twin loss?

    Any comments or sharing of similar experience will be very helpful in decision making.

  2. I don't have as much history as you do, but I did have a loss that involved a classical c-section. I'm in the middle of an FET cycle and met with a dr. at MFM for a consult before I started the cycle. He said that as long as I'm past the 6 month point, they are OK with me getting pregnant. However, they don't want my uterus contracting, so if I get pregnant again, they'll do an amnio at 36 weeks to check on lung development, and as soon as the lungs are mature they'll schedule a c-section for the next day. (if not ready at 36 then they repeat every 4 days until they're ready). I'm not sure how the PTL would factor into this. My issues were all related to my pregnancy having started out as high order multiples, so they think that as long as it's a singleton, I shouldn't have a problem.

  3. Thanks for our feedback tiana rahagalala...I did consuly with Ob/GYN, MFM and RE. They were all on same page that they will single embryo transfer and if I do get pregnant then do cerclage at 12-14 weeks, followed by P17 shots in second trimester and finally amnio at 36 weeks to avoid labor. Have you read anymore about classical c-sec? Is there anything to be concerned about other than not going into labor. Do you have a history of BH contractions?

  4. The PTL question is the big "what if"? and the only real concern with the classical c-section. I don't want to post the details of my story here - you can do a search on my username and look for the thread "my update" if you want to see what happened. You can tell by the board that it's on what the topic is, and if it bothers you don't read it. I didn't have any BH but I had contractions starting at about 17 weeks. I'm just crossing my fingers that if I have a singleton, everything will be OK.

  5. Dear tiana rahagalala..
    I did read you post (my update) this morning and I felt horrible for what you have gone through. I am truly sorry for your loss and I really really hope that your FET cycle goes smoothly with no complications. You definitley deserve it...
    Thanks again for your feedback..


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