Can Allergies Cause MCs

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  1. I've had other MCs for reasons that I can explain but the last 2 I am not sure about. Especially the one this past weekend. My health issues have been resolved. But I keep worrying that it is work related.

    I am allergic to some of the scents used in products my company manufactures. Could it have set off some kind of autoimmune issues? (The scents are OSHA safe and the air is circulated so it would not be a toxicity issue. Also my exposure is minimal as my office is not where the manuacturing is done. This would be an allergic reaction to the samples I had in my office for the autumn line. Probably not much more scent than if you were using home perfume products)

  2. Pickles-Have you had the immune testing done yet? (And blood clotting would be good too). I don't know about allergies (I have a ton of them too-just about everything actually and lots of foods included). I would think it would be linked to immune disorders.

  3. Do you have any idea how expensive the tests are? (I am mainly out of pocket)

    It would be so much better if my ins covered this.

  4. I got mine done at Quest, through my RE's office, and it was covered 100% by insurance. I know some women choose to do it at the big names like Millenova, etc. and I don't know how much of that is covered. Mine at Quest would have been around 3k out of pocket. I don't have IF coverage at all.

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