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  1. I'm back from ET...sitting here on the bed, laptop in hand. We transferred 2 grade a- embies. Beta should be 4/11. My accu doc should be here in in 45 minutes ir so too. So good. Thanks, angelave!

  2. Gotta post and run - have a meeting starting shortly. Anyway....

    Adrienne - good luck! I'll be praying for a BFP for ya!!

    I have a conference with my RE tomorrow to discuss steps, etc. Hopefully they see things that can be fixed. Other than waiting -AGAIN- no news here.

    How is everyone else?

  3. Hey everyone!!! I've been feeling much better...

    Lucy, sorry to hear about the agony of two infections. HOpe they give you some great meds to get you over them both quickly and then you can start the Estrace without a hitch!

    Adrienne...congrats on a smooth transfer...I'll be praying for at least one of those little embies to attach! Wow, 4/11 is really only a week away..not too bad! Think fertile thoughts!!!

    sincap33...sounds like this new RE is making a lot of sense already! And, if you have a transfer in June, you won't have to go through the Summer months in your later months on pregnancy! That could work out really well! Good luck on your conference!

    angelave, keep us posted on the insurance and AF...keeping my fingers crossed for you...if all works out for this month, when would you restart your meds?

    Shannon, can't wait to hear the results of the test!!!

    Yesterday, I found out that another women in my office (in my old department) is 6 weeks pregnant through IVF. She told me she spotted me about a month ago..and wondered. I shared my experience with her...and she shared hers...kind of neat how things work out...She said this this was her third and last attempt...I'm so glad it worked out for her this time. She was just excited to be able to share this with someone... Anyway, thought that was a neat story!

    Good luck everyone!

  4. Hello Friends,

    As of things couldn't get any worse. Im just went to the ladies room and wiped im spotting therefore AF will be here tommorrow or Friday at FULL force. Which means I will be able to strat estrace tommorrow or Friday. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Shannon-Please let us know how your test goes today

    Adrienne-Im so glad you transferred 2. It gives you a better chance of pregnancy. The waiting begins.

    Glad to hear all my friends are well.


  5. Hi everyone~

    Just a quick note cause I'm at work. My test went great. I know the U/S tech so he explored a lot more than they normally would. He tried to determine the sex, but its a bit too early so next time we should be able to tell. It really doesn't matter to us anyway. He was able to see the babies stomach and bladder so he said the kidneys are working well. We also saw the 4 heart chambers. he said all looked perfectly normal for this stage. I'm very relieved.

    Glad to hear everyone is doing well. I'll post more later.


  6. Lucy: good to hear AF is coming...can't wait til you get started!!!

    Shannon: awesome results!! What a miracle to see that kind of stuff.

    Does anybody watch House, by any chance? They had an awesome one on last night. There was a lady that was pregnant after her 3rd IVF attempt and b/c of complications to her life, he wanted to term the pregnancy at 22 weeks. His boss wouldn't let that happen...he kept calling the baby a fetus...everyone else kept calling it a baby...anyway, they had to operate on the fetus...they showed this little arm coming out of her uterus...I know it's all Hollywood theatrics...but it was really cool! After the operation...he started calling it a baby! Very cool!

    Anyway, Adrienne....good luck attaching those embies...hatch and attach embies....!

    Take care everyone!!!

  7. Awwe...thanks for the support guys, and take care of those babes!

  8. adrienne - YEAH! 2 great sounding embies are now snuggling down and getting cozy I'm sure! 4/11 for your beta?! that's exciting - one week to go! already through the first half of your 2ww!

    heather - that's neat about your co-worker - I'm hoping that I can share a similiar story too soon - as I also have a co-worker going through IVF (granted she's been through 4 cycles to my one) but maybe your \"positive\" influence will rub off and our next cycles will both be BFPs!

    Lucy - YEAH! you can get started! let us know when you have a date for ET!

    shannon - so glad to hear that everything is going well with your beans! neat that the tech could \"see\" all the growing that is going on in there!

    still no word on the insurance - so I'm going to call tomorrow - AF should be here over the w/e so I want to know what the plan is in the event that they don't hear - and see if I can at least get the script for the BCPs so I can start those on cd1 as I'm supposed to! then BCPs for 21 days and then wait for AF again, and start stims on cd2 of that cycle....can't wait to start!!!!!

    night everyone!

    angelave (PS it snowed today in MA - ugh)

  9. Shannon - how great to be able to see all that stuff. Remind me... single or twins?

    Lucy - good luck!! I'm rootin' for ya!!

    angelave - insurance sucks. And no one is ever in a hurry - except you!!

    adrienne - lots of prayers for those little guys to grow big and strong!! What are you doing to keep going in the 2ww?

    heather - how are you feeling? Anything new?

    did I miss anyone?? I have no idea - I'm so out of it.

    I talked to the RE today. She said the fibroids are nothing to worry about because 40% of women have them and my sonohystogram (i think) came back normal so they arent concerned. She also said that it wasnt so disasterous that I didnt stim as fast and that she would have let me ride longer, but knowing what she does, she has an advantage and will start me sooner. Still waiting for AF, then going for renewed day 3 testing. yippee - NOT!

    That\'s all for now, I'm pretty drained. Have a great weekend and happy easter and passover to everyone!!

  10. Well, today I'm sorried. I'm starting to have crampiness and my tummy is rumbling...lots of tiny bubbles in there. I know I'm only 2dp5dt but is this normal?

  11. Adrienne, Crampies are not necessarily a bad sign..could be them nesting in. If I remember correctly, I think the embies hatch anywhere from day 6 to 9 or 10. I started feeling what I described as the \"Pinchies\" about 2 to 3 days after my transfer. It was a strange sensation...sort of like someone was pinching me lightly in my uterus. I've heard that cramping can come with implantation... Maybe it's just your embies..finding the perfect place to implant!!!

    Lucy, good luck starting the meds!!

    As for me, I am 100% over the flu...yeah!!! and 100% off of more suppositories or shots. I'm also off the ba...only Prenatals for me now. I have been experiencing a slight bit more naseau the last couple of days...and I am in the weird cycle of not sleeping too well...I fall asleep...but wake up every hour or so.

    Anyway, I hope everyone has a very happy Easter/Passover! And, hopefully this season will bring much luck for the group!!!

  12. heather - glad to hear that you are feeling much better! and even bigger hooray no more progesterone! just that alone is enough to make one feel better!

    adrienne - I'm hoping for you that all those little signs are those embies making themselves comfy! rest over the weekend and think sticky thoughts!

    sincap33 - sounds like this RE is on top of things and I agree, that maybe you'll get to start sooner than later!

    shannon and Lucy - quick hellos!

    got to run and do \"work\"...argh....quick update no ins auth yet, still waiting, nurse did send the script for the BCPs to the local pharm so I can at least start those should ins take longer than AF arriving...SO...that's all for now!

    night ladies!


  13. Woo hoo Heather! It must be so nice to be off the meds. i won't even say what I think about the PIO. The \"Pinchies\" you described are exactly what I've been feeling last night aand this am. I'm hoping it's the embies burrowing in and/or new blood flowing to the area to support them in their growth. It's not exactly like af cramps, different and wierd. Pinchy, yep, that's it exactly.

    Good luck with that insurance derb. Insurance sucks. It's nice to have but I swear sometimes I think it's not worth the hassle. I had to send a fax to my dental insurer yesterday to tell them that my old insurance (washington dental) is no longer in effect since I haven't lived in WA for two years now (they have my current address, of course).

  14. Hi ladies~

    Adrienne~Cramps can mean soooo many things at this stage. Don't worry- you need to stay relaxed right now. Your ovaries have endured a great deal and they have a lot of settling back down to do. Mine are still enlarged and we're 12 wks in. the babies are also trying to implant so that can cause cramping. Dehydration can too. Get plenty of rest, lots of water and enough movement. You need to keep your circulation going for good blood flow to the uterus. Too much bed rest isn't good for you. I'm holding out for good news next Wednesday!!!

    angelave~I hate insurance companies. They always take their own sweet time, but hang in there you'll hear soon I'm sure.

    Heather~I'm sooo glad your feeling better. Get used to the weird dreams and sleepless nights. I swear its your bodies way of training you for motherhood. I caught the end of House the other night. How amazing. My friend's baby was born at 24wks (1.5lbs) and is thriving. Their such little fighters.

    sincap33~Your new RE sounds awesome. She really seems to be on top of things. We have 1 baby in there.

    Lucy~I'm so excited for you to get started again. So the FET should be in about 2 wks right? I was reading a thread the other day about FET's and a lot of women have had success with it. Stay positive.

    I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday weekend.


  15. Hi Ladies,

    Just a quick note... Im still at work but will check back this weekend.

    I did get AF today full force.

    I have started estrace 6 pills per day. I have an ultrasound to check my lining on the 17th if all looks well the transfer will be that week of the 17th. Im excited but nervous. I don't have much faith in FET\'s.


  16. Lucy~YEAH!!! I'm glad your getting started. Lots of women have success with FET so keep the faith. I can't believe your transfer is so close. I'm excited. Have a great weekend.


  17. Good luck Lucy!!

    Shannon, I know the cramps could mean anything. I'm just following through on my pledge to obsess over every twinge.

  18. Lucy, wow...I can't wait to hear all about your FET. That's not that far off...a little over a week! At least you don't have to wait long with an FET... What will they be transferring to you? How many cells did they freeze them at? And, how many are you going for? I'll keep the prayers coming over the next several weeks that your body prepares as it should and that when it's time...a little emby will settle down nicely inside. You're shooting for a singleton, right?

    Hey everyone...hope you had a wonderful weekend!!! And, can't wait to hear the exciting news this week!


  19. Lucy - glad to hear that things are now really moving along! yeah!

    adrienne - you are so funny about your \"pledge\" - obsess away! I know I did! and I hear you on the insurance companies - can't blame them for not always noting the \"obvious\" now can we?!

    shannon and heather - how are you both fairing with all your moving/packing/closings? don't overdo it!

    sincap33 - any signs of AF for you?

    as for me - still no word...argh - but then again, still no AF....double argh... I have the BCPs I'm just waiting on both ends still...

    hope everyone had a nice weekend!


  20. Hey angelave. Since you asked, my weekend sucked but it was all my fault. I spent the whole thing freaking out that I was neg. and obsessing over having no symptoms. I POAS everyday, you know...same time, everyday. Everyday, same time. Until today there was nothing to report. Ah ha!? You ask... what made today different? A big, fat, faint, second line on my HPT! I still have three left, one for tonight , one for tomorrow, and one for Wed., when the beta results come in.

  21. Adrienne~That sounds like very positive news to me. Especially if theres been no 2nd line so far then the HCG shot should be completely out of your system. Only 2 more days for the official 1st result!!! YEAH!!!

    angelave~Have you called the ins? or are you just waiting for the mail? I hate insurance companies Do they have to pre-approve every cycle?

    Lucy~one week to go!!! hows the estrace going for you?

    Heather~Are you unpacked yet? How are you feeling?

    sincap33~Whats up with you?

    Nothing new with me. Just starting to organize the house so I can pack. We have 5.5 weeks to go. I'm getting really excited.


  22. hi everyone!! I had a really busy weekend. Took my mom shopping for their \"new room\"... they are painting and fixing it up for my brother's baby, though they wont admit that. They are trying to make it a guest room, but they want to make sure it's big enough for a crib and a bed. Crappy thing though is she made me go into the maternity store - nothing like rubbing my face in it. I immediately became beligerant and didnt want to be there. We did find a bedspread and curtains for it.

    AF started FINALLY yesterday!!! It was a total shocker! Funny how you can dread it and be happy about it at the same time. It's almost like I wish it to come, then Ok - you're here, now go away, dont need you anymore!! Fine without you!! Have to call to get my bloodtests scheduled again. Dont start BCP until next cycle, so it will be a fairly short stint on those.

    I REALLY need to lose weight. I have no clothes that fit. I'm blaming it on all the meds I've pumped into my body over the last 4 months. Hopefully something will happen by June. It just feels gross.

    Ok, how's everyone else? My pg friends, how are you ladies feeling??
    Lucy - how much longer till transfer?
    angelave - what is the deal with that insurance co??? Get with it people!!! They are so aggrivating!

    Adrienne - caught you on another board - good luck!! So excited for you!
    Did I miss anyone?? I'm so scattered lately. I'm sorry!

  23. Adrienne, very cool! Second line is very positive. I did the same thing. I POAS from about a week out...I wanted to ensure that I was getting negative. And, I got a positive on Sunday before my Tuesday test. That's a great sign! Good more day til Beta\'s!

    Shannon, not quite unpacked. Stuff is still everywhere. My sis and her son came down last weekend for a visit from Indiana...and we hung didn't really have time to unpack. We sure packed quicker than we are unpacking. Luckily for me, the packing was done when I had all of the energy. I packed a lot before and during my stimming period. It helped me use up some of that bottled energy...too bad I don't have it now. Now, I'm going through that sleepy period again. Good luck on the move! You have an appointment tomorrow, right?

    sincap33, I know how you feel. I was really feeling fat in January before I started this. All of the stress and meds really works to plump you up. It's such an unfair thing. And, that really is harsh of your mom to take you in a maternity store. Does she realize how difficult that is on you? Sometime parents mean well, but don't get that this is not a sign of hope for you...but a feeling of disappointment that you are not needing this...but that will all change soon enough! You'll be shopping for your own pregnancy!

    angelave, here's to that insurance company speeding things up!!

    Lucy, how's the estrace going? Hard to believe transfer's around the corner..Seems like we have some excellent good luck signs that this is going to be a good one!!! And, you guys all have the prayers, that's for sure!!!

    Take care everyone!!


  24. In mom's defense, she doesnt know that we're going through this, but after all the questions like when are you going to have a grandchild for me, are you EVER gonna have kids, I'll be crippled before you give me grandkids - I said \"you know, if I told you we were having problems, what would you do? You'd feel pretty bad, huh....\" that kept her quiet for a while. She doesnt always think about how I will react when she says stuff. I think she really just thinks about what she wants - she's a control freak and just thinks because it was easy for her, it should be easy for me. After all, her son was able to have a baby..... Ugh!!!

    I dont want to tell her because that's all I'd hear about. I'm already obsessed. She'd just drive me insane. It's so hard already, but the last thing I need is anyone feeling pity, you know? I guess the hardest thing is knowing that I didnt have a chance. Hopefully this new place will at least give me that. Then if it doesnt work, I will know it's just not meant to be and mom can put me through all the hell she wants.

    This should be easier. Damn!!

  25. sincap33 - sorry for all your family stressors - glad to hear you could \"tell\" your mom without \"telling\" her type can be really hard some..ok most days... when people who don't know (and then again, even with people who do, but don't get it) just keep asking and saying \"stupid\"/insensitive things....argh....

    adrienne - sounds great! here's to a BFP!!! it would be nice if you kept the ball rolling!

    Heather and Shannon - thanks for the insurance support too!

    Hi Lucy!

    just found out this PM (granted, spent most of the day with family as my gram was adm to hosp ? sepsis? - she's ok but in the ICU for monitoring)....that insurance denied the ICSI part of our auth - stated due to h/o I'm posting all over asking if people know if poor sperm binding is a result and only connected to VR? or if it can be an egg quality issue as well....'cause my thinking is if they are denying based on VR as being the reason for poor binding - and there are other poss reasons - I should as the nurse to appeal! It would cost $2000 out of pocket (again, I apologize here as I know people pay much more for a cycle and I should be grateful I have as much coverage as I do!) - so for now, going ahead without hoping the med changes will help overall and enough...

    so that's it - got to run, sorry for the rant!


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