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  1. I POAS...9dp3dt...and there was a faint second line!!!! I'm hoping it gets darker and darker!!! yipee!!!!

  2. angelave - Yay!!!! That's so exciting!! Keeping everything crossed for you!!
    Lots of love and prayers!

  3. angelave-CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah..

    Im so excited for you. I have been following your progess on the Mass boards.. Im keeping up with you there girl...


    Hope to hear some good news real soon.

  4. YEA!!!! I've always heard ANY line is a good sign...I highly recommend the digital tests!!!! Please keep us posted.


  5. thanks gals! portagee - you are too funny!

    and Shannon - I went out today - since it is valentine's day and splurged on an EPT digital test - just so I could see the word \"pregnant\" pop up! (and it did! )

    I'm just nervous now that it's all going to come crashing down around me - but I'm trying just to take each day as it comes and enjoy being \"pg\" for now!

    we\'re going to tell our parent's tonight - it's really the only way to 'surprise' them since they all know my beta is on Mon...we've been telling them I haven't been POAS, and that we were going to wait until the AM of the beta to POAS...

    Happy Valentine's Day ladies!

  6. Holy cow, it's cool to see everyone posting again. angelave, I'm positively thrilled to see your pos POAS result! Such a long time coming and so deserved.

    Waves to Shannon & Jen & Lucy. All the babies are beautiful!

    DH, Melia (4), Miles (13 mos already!) and I moved Nov-Jan and are STILL settling in. I've painted almost every room. Installed new closet systems. Took out a wall to get my sectional upstairs. Installed a world map wall mural LOL. Looks fab but def. not a one person job. And that's not even touching the outside! Who knew a new house would be almost as much work as an existing one.

    Anyway, I'm following along with everyone's stories intermittently and cheering from the sidelines. Bootlegging my net access from a neighbor (getting the new phone lines installed hasn't been a high priority). Love the updates tho! I'm glad everyone's doing so well!

  7. angelave - That is thrilling!!!! So excited for you!! Keep us posted on the beta and everything going forward!!

  8. beta in today....

    1425!!!!! (16dp3dt)

    phew! - first major milestone achieved!!!! next set of labs is Wed - so hoping in the 3000s...and then u/s 2 weeks later....and we'll see....1 or 2!!!

    thanks gals for being such a support in all year later and I'm bringing up the rear! lol!

  9. wow, derb, I think that's a really high beta!!! I think mine with twins was 800 something. I cant wait to see how many you have!!!!! I'm so excited for you I could cry!!!! Keep us posted!!!

  10. Does angelave's positive give us 100% now?? I cant remember if there is anyone else left. My memory is shot.

  11. Congrats angelave! I think that DOES make the thread 100% positive! WOO HOO!

  12. yup - I've closed out this thread to make it 100% - may have taken a year or so, but we're here! lol!

    second beta came in at 3313 at 18dp3dt...and my first u/s is actually next week! I can't believe it - it all feels so fast - but per the RN, I'll be 6 weeks next week at u/ weird...

    I\'m so thankful that you all have seen me through to the end!

    hugs to everyone!

  13. angelave that's fantastic!!! Sounds like multiples to me!!! Please keep us posted on your progress! I'm not going through another pregnancy, so I'll have to live through you!!!

    Good luck and congrats!


    I am soooo excited to hear your news. I've been out of town and haven't checked in for a week or so. I always knew it would all work out for you. I can't wait to hear how your U/S goes.

    Waves to the rest of you. Glad to ehar all the babies are doing so well.


  15. hey there everyone - just realized I hadn't posted an update over here - gets a little confusing the more threads you end up spread out across - I hope everyone is doing well and surviving this winter!! I can't believe we turn the clocks ahead this weekend already!!!!!

    anywho - I had my first u/s last week at exactly 6 weeks - my little bean measured right on at 5wk6d and hb was 118-120....a singleton! a little piece of me was really wishing for twins - but the realistic side of me was quite relieved and happy!!! I don't have any more u/s until I think after 10 weeks at my first OB/GYN appt...but I may try to ask for one next week at my 8 week appt with the perinatal nurse (intake appt)...we'll see, I had some pretty god spotting for a few days after my first u/s so I'm not looking forward to that possibly happening again, but I do want to check on my bean!

    again, thank you gals for sticking it out and rooting for me - it means the world!

  16. angelave - that's fantastic!!! Maybe they wont do interal u/s anymore. I only had 2 at the RE. When I moved to the OBGyn, they only did the belly ones, until I got close to the end and they needed to measure my cervix or something like that - I barely remember!!

    I secretly hoped for twins too... and got them. Sometimes I wish we had one at a time so I could enjoy them more. It's such a whirlwind... but I love them with all my heart anyway!!

    Enjoy your pregnancy!!! Keep us posted!

  17. Hi ladies...angelave, I'd love to hear an update...


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