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  1. CONGRATULATIONS JEN!!!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN & TIA!!!! That is wonderful news. I'm glad to hear they are both doing so well.


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (belated of course!) to Ben and Tia! Jen, congrats on a healthy pg! glad to hear that you are all doing well! sorry to hear that the drugs are doing weird things to you but take care and big hugs!

    Shannon that is too funny about Mason nicknaming the babies! he must love food and nice to hear that you are finally without snow on the ground! let spring spring! Hope you have a nice trip to Texas!

    as for me, now on the lupron and estrace - RN said ER/ET after the holiday weekend, but donor was to have started her lupron 5/6...but that seems a bit long - so I have my labs tomorrow and will be asking for another estimate and find out when they expect her to start stims - since that will give me the best guesstimate....

    hope everyone else is well!

    hugs -


  3. off topic, nice to find someone in AK.

  4. hello girls! I hope you are all doing well with all the new additions!

    just a short update because you all have been so ultra supportive - and I'm still 'odd woman out' lol...

    donor has started her stims tonight - so most likely an ER after memorial day weekend....I'm anxious, excited, happy, nervous all at the same time...

    please let this be the one! (or 2 lol)


  5. Hi ladies~

    I have been on vacation for the last 2 weeks and haven't been online.

    angelave~So happy to hear things are starting up for you. I truly pray this is the 1 or 2 for you. What kind of success rate does the donor have? Is she a good follie producer? What do they have you on to get you ready for the transfer? This is completely new for me so I was just curious. I'm glad to be a part of this with you.

    IB4424~So few of us up here in AK- are you going through IVF?

    hello to the rest of you. How are all of the babies doing?


  6. sorry to say, I was cancelled - long story short, she didn't respond to the meds..she is a proven donor and had used the same protocol previously...

    so now I need to wait and see what they recommend...

    not as sad as I anticipated, but sad none the less...

    hope everyone is well -

    I'll keep you all posted...


  7. angelave~What a bummer, but you seem to be OK with it. So where do you go from here? Will you try her again or find another? You must be the strongest person I know. keep your chin up- your time WILL come!!!


  8. hey there gals - just checking in to see how you all are these days...hope you are well -

    still no word from my clinic yet on what the next step is going to be and when....I'm hoping to get the info before the start of my next AF visit...I hope to have the time to call in the AM to see if they have heard anything....

    hugs -


  9. angelave - man, what is going on!?!?!? I hope you get something soon. I think of you often.

    I\'m busy as all heck... I would have never imagined what it's like with 2, but they are so cute it's worth it!! They're starting to watch us and spend more time awake which is nice.

    Hope you are all doing well.

  10. Hi ladies~

    I was just checking in to see how you are all doing.

    angelave~Any new plans for forging ahead?

    How are all the little ones?

    We are busy here, just gearing up for Kendall's arrival in September. I'd love to hear how you all are doing.


  11. hello gals -

    sorry to be away and MIA for a while - I hope you are all well and that all the babes are growing up strong -

    never got a real explaination on why no response to meds for donor - she then had a CCT before RE would agree to allow her to cycle for us - and she failed it - it's more sad for her than myself - as now she has come to find out she may be experiencing IF issues, and here she was being selfless and donating for others!

    another donor is in the works - she has verbally agreed, last donation was 2/08....and a prior in '07 - both with pg outcomes - so more fees to be paid and screenings to get done as well...this is it gals - no more $$ after this one...

    let it be....please...

  12. I am so sorry it's been so long!!! I think about you guys alot!!

    It's been crazy busy as you can imagine. The babies are growing fast and are a lot of fun now. My daughter is wanting to stand and sit up already, but my son would rather just lay around. We have a hard time with tummy time because he hates lifting his head and gets really upset!

    I'm back at work. Not happy about it, but we cant manage without it, so here I am.
    angelave - so sorry to hear the trouble with the donor!! I'll offer up my last frosty if you want!! No charge...

    Anyway, hope you are all doing well!

  13. Are any of you still checking in here? I don't get much computer time anymore, but hope you are all doing well. angelave- any luck?


  14. Hello-----

    So glad to hear from you.

    How are things? I know you have the 2 boys but didn;t you already have a little girl? Or am I confused?

    Well things are going great here. My son Domenic will be 5 next month and my twins Logan and Sophia will be 1. I can't believe it. Im happy its been a LONG year with the babies.

    Is it cold in Alaska?

    Hope to hear from everyone.

    Talk to you soon


  15. Lucy~

    So good to hear from you. I can't believe your twins are almost 1 already. Brady (my 2nd IVF miracle) turned 1 in October and I had my surprise baby girl, Kendall on Sept. 22nd making them Irish twins. Their big brother Mason will be 4 in Feb so we are definitely BUSY, but wonderful!!!

    Alaska is cold, but not much colder than the east coast. Our winter just lasts a bit longer. It does get old sometimes though.

    How have you been? I imagine your kiddos keep you extremely busy as well. Touch base when you get a minute. I'd love to hear how things are going.


  16. Hi ladies!! I'm FINALLY getting around to posting!!

    Lucy - glad to see everything is going well with the twins. Hard to believe they're going to be a year!!

    Shannon - your house is probably bustling!!!

    We're doing well. It's difficult, but fun. The twins are almost 7 months old now and they have HUGE personalities!! My daughter is either on or off - she's like 0 to 60 when she gets upset. My son is content just sitting and watching - he's such a snuggler! I cant imagine life without them.

    Busy getting ready for the holidays!!
    I think of you ladies often! Hope you are all doing well!!

  17. Hello Ladies,

    So glad to hear from everyone... I wanted to FINALLY share pics of my kids. Hope you enjoy them...

    Happy holidays to all... Love yah Lucy


  18. Lucy - your kids are gorgeous!! I love the pics!

  19. Lucy~Thanks for the pictures. They are beautiful. I can't believe the twins are 1 already.

    Jen~I'd love to see pics of you beauties too!!!

    You guys can view my little ones at I will add some new ones here soon since I haven't added in ages.


  20. here's some pics of our little guys. I have to get some more recent pics up... Its been about 4 months!!

  21. Jen~Thank you so much for posting pictures of your beautiful babies. It looks like they are very happy. If you ever get a minute. You can check out my kiddos at . The most recent are on the top I think.


  22. hi girls! sorry to have been MIA...

    I checked out all the links and the babies are beautiful! I can't believe how big they all are....

    just a quick update - just finished my first complete donor cycle (this was our 4th selected donor) ended up going with my cousin as our donor - she is 38/39...we transferred 2 embies, both grade 2 - a 7 and 9 cell....hopefully this will be it! beta is in 2 weeks....crossing my fingers...

    hope you are all well -


  23. Good luck angelave!!! Crossing all I can for you!!Keep us posted!

  24. angelave~I will definitely keep my fingers crossed for you. I'm glad to hear you're trying again. Good Luck!!! Please keep us posted.


  25. thanks gals - I'm almost halfway there....just over a week to go and I just want this to work!

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