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  1. Hi ladies - hope you are doing well!!!

    Had my level II us today... we are having a boy and a girl!!

    I\'ll post more later - gotta get back to work.

  2. Jen~That's awesome news...Congratulations!!! Are you feeling better?

    Hello to everyone else. Life has been a bit crazy lately with returning to work. I'll write more later.


  3. again, sorry to be so MIA - works been crazy and lots going on -

    Jen - yeah! that's wonderful! one of each! big congrats!

    shannon - Brady is so cute! and this is his big weekend so to speak - at least if he's a Patriots fan!

    heather - the boys are adorable! hope you are all doing well!

    Adrienne - at least DD is 'trying' to be a good big sister! maybe not getting all the points, but as Jen said, better than sibling rivalry!

    Lucy - hope you are well!

    as for me - lots of changes - we are doing DE - got approved by insurance for DE with ICSI and AH! selected a donor who has tentatively agreed - working out the final $ before signing contracts - we are lucky in that she is presently cycling and is due for her ER next week so we'll have her most up to date information on her response/cycle before we make the final we are on our way...hoping to join you all soon! all your support and kind words have been very nice and appreciated - thank you for your experiences and sharing....

    I\'ll keep you all posted as things move along, should have more info by the end of next week!

    GO Patriots!


  4. angelave - so glad you are moving to de. I wish you lots of luck and a smooth process signing the donor, etc.

    Hi to all the mommies!!

    I'm feeling a bit large, but think that I'm not as big as I should be right now. I guess what I see from the top isnt the same as what people are seeing straight on!! We're trying to get the babies' room done, but it's slow going. We had a 2nd kitchen in the upstairs, so we had to tear that out.... old houses always come with issues when you tear things out - when we took out that kitchen, my drains started to not work, so that caused another small setback, but I think we're on our way now.

    I'm having a bit of a panic attack about how we're going to afford daycare. Neither of us can stay home, but it's going to be hard for daycare as well. Hopefully we can find a kind friend that will be willing to take on a day or 2 a week.

    Hope you are all doing well....I'll check back later!

  5. Jen - I'm positive things will work out in the end with childcare - and funny about the 2nd kitchen remodeling, made me think of growing up, my parents converted the 2 family into a one family and the second kitchen became my brother's bedroom! try to relax and I'm sure the room will be perfect!

    hello to everyone -


  6. Hey ladies..long time no talk...things couldn't be busier.

    Jen, congrats on the boy/girl! Any names picked out? Have you had any showers yet? Plan them early if you haven't of mine was cancelled (at work) b/c I went on bedrest...I made it to 30 weeks and that was really, really good in my docs opinion.

    angelave, good luck on the DE...Keep us posted.

    Take care everyone!


  7. Hi ladies - just getting around to posting. Went to visit MIL last week in FL. I'm glad she lives there and not close by!!

    Feeling ok. Had some swelling issues, but upped my water and everything seems to back on track. I feeling some tightening low in the belly - i'm not sure if those are contractions or braxton hicks... and I thought I was feeling some movement, but who knows that either. When you havent felt it before, who knows what to look/feel for!!

    I have my shower in 3 weeks. We had to do it early due to future SIL's bridal shower, mom's surgery on her knee, and me not knowing if I'll be on bed rest or not... it's all good though. At least I'll be ready. We picked up the cribs, mattresses and car seats already. So I guess technically, we can bring the babies home! Just gotta finish the room for them. Hopefully in the next couple weeks.

    Doc wants me to start modified bed rest (not going to work) at around 28 weeks. I'm 22 now. I cant believe time is flying!!

    angelave - thinking of you... how's the DE stuff going?

    New moms - hope you guys are all doing well!!!

    I'll check back in later!!

  8. Jen~I'm glad to hear things are moving right along for you. Are you feeling better now? Any names picked out yet? I imagine by now you are definitely feeling movement. It kind of feels like butterflys initially then gets way stronger. It's the best part of being PG in my opinion.

    angelave~How are things going for you? Any DE prospects yet? How do you pick the donor anyway?

    Lucy~Are you still out there? How are the babies?

    Adrienne~Whens the big move happening?

    Heather~I\'ll catch up with you on email.

    Things here have been interesting...I recently found out I am pregnant naturally. After 12 years of infertility and 4 IVF's it happened on its own. We are very shocked and surprised, but definitely thrilled. This little one will be here right before Brady turns 1. I imagine life will get pretty crazy then, but a good crazy. DH has been home for the last 3 weeks and the boys have been sick so I haven't had any computer time lately. I will get better about checking in. Hope you are all doing well.


  9. Shannon - holy smokes!!! That is surreal!! So happy for you! I just cant believe it! How far along are you?

    I'm doing much better. Not getting as sick - only if I dont eat, but other than that I feel pretty good. I'm having some swelling in the evenings and first thing in the morning, but nothing major. Feeling the babies move a lot now. Our little boy has an affinity with my bladder. Weirdest feeling ever!

    Hope all the ladies are doing well! Derb - think of you often. Hope the DE journey is going well.


  10. HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!

    So sorry I have MIA. The babies are hectic. Life is crazy. I love them to death.

    Shannon-Oh my goshhhhhhhhhhhh.. Congrats. Who would have thought. Im so happy for you.

    Hope everyone is doing well. My cousing is coming over this weekend so he will help me so I can learn how to post the babies pics for you all.

    Take care.

  11. WOW, Shannon, congrats! Waves to Lucy & Jen!!

    Things are OK here, if hectic since DH has been gone most of the last month.

    Jen, glad things are improving healthwise. It's amazing how fast it all seems to go once it's over.

    Lucy - give those babes hugs and kisses for us!

  12. Jen~When are the babies due? Do you have names picked out yet?

    Lucy~So glad to hear from you and that you are all doing well. How is your DS handeling the babies being here now?

    Adrienne~Do you move soon? How has DD adjusted to having a baby brother?

    angelave~Would love to know how your DE search is going. Hadn't you possible decided on someone?

    Not much here, justy busy with the boys. I am 11 weeks today and have my nuchal a week from Tues. Were any of you able to tell the sex at your nuchal? I'm guessing not (we weren't able to tell with Brady). The pregnancy is pretty different this time where my last 2 were almost identical. My DH thinks (hopes) its a girl, but I think its just the difference between IVF and natural. I'm pretty sure we'll have another boy. If I don;'t talk to you before next weekend have a nice Easter.


  13. sorry to have been MIA -

    BUT -

    Shannon - CONGRATS! that is wonderful news! can't believe that Brady is going to have a sibling! who would have thought it! couldn't be happier for you!

    Jen - sounds like you are moving right along! how was your shower? is your mom's knee ok now?

    Lucy - glad to hear that the babes are well - can't wait to see pics -

    Adrienne - sorry that DH is away again - I hope he gets home again soon - how are you doing otherwise?

    heather - how are the boys?

    quick update - thank you all for still thinking of me DE is screened and all set - all my screening stuff is all set - we chose a proven donor and she was just finishing a cycle right before we contacted the agency - so all her screens were up to date and we know at least 1 of her 2 prior donations have ended with a BFP - not sure on the most recent on...SO looking like an ET for the beginning of May - we will start to get our cycles together this month and go from there - the nurse said actually that right now, our cycle timing is pretty good and should be easy to get timed goes our last chance basically - can't afford another one -

    hugs and waves to all - give those babies hugs too!


  14. Hi ladies! Sorry I havent been around much!

    Shannon - we couldnt tell at the nuchal, too early. If you got the tests like the amnio done, you'd know though.

    angelave - glad you are on your way!! I hope this is it for you.

    Lucy/Adrienne/Heather - hope you are all well!!

    I\'m doing ok. Feeling a bit large and in charge. Have a nasty cold or something so that's making life difficult. We found out at our last u/s that we are definately having a boy and a girl. Both are measuring at least a week and a half ahead of schedule are are 2 pounds 1 oz at 26 weeks. We're thinking of naming the kids Tatiana and Benjamin but we're having an issue with agreeing on the boys name.

    We had our shower and got almost everything we needed - I was so overwhelmed I cried all the way home.

    We've been doing a lot of thinking lately - We have one frosty that we are probably going to donate as after the twins i dont think we want any more children. I wonder if there are limits to that. I was also thinking about being a donor since we did so well, but I think my age may be an issue (35).

  15. Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to wish you all a HAPPY EASTER!!!!

    sincap33-Welcome to my world a boy and girl are great!!! congrats... When are you actually due?

    Shannon-hope you are feeling well.\'


    Much Love


  16. Hey all!

    Happy belated Easter! Wantin - glad things are progressing OK. So excited for you!! It's amazing, in retrospect, how quickly it all happens! Good lukck with your donaton decision too. Dh and I haven't crossed that bridge yet.

    Derb - good luck with the donor! You've made so much progress. Finding the right person is half the battle, no?

    Lucy, can't wait to see how the babes have grown!

    Me=sleep deprived and irritable but otherwise OK!

    Hugs to all...

  17. Hi ladies!! Just wanted to say hello and hope you are all doing well.

    I am in week 30 and the OB wants me to get at least to week 35. I'm feeling uncomfortable, but trying to stay positive.

    angelave - how is the donor stuff going?

    Everyone - thinking of you often!!


  18. Jen~ I was so glad to see you posted. i was just thinking of you and wondering when those little ones were scheduled to arrive. my SIL had her twin boys 6 weeks early and they are both doing great. They got to come home after only 3 days in the hospital so hang in there. You CAN do it!!! Do these babies have names yet?

    angelave~Whats the latest with you? When will you cycle again?

    Hellos to the rest of you. No new news here. The boys are growing up so fast and they really keep me on my toes, especially when DH is gone for 2 weeks at a time. I haven't had much computer time lately and we have been banned from going online at work so I've been really cut short lately. It's SNOWING here today which is really depressing since it was finally melting away. It's supposed to be spring so I'm not sure whats up- some evil trick from mother nature!!!

    Take care,

  19. hello ladies!

    wantin - a girl and a boy! congrats! that's wonderful! here's to getting to week 35! it will be here before you know it!

    Adrienne - hope you have gotten some sleep lately

    Shannon - more snow?! geesh, the flowers are starting to finally pop up around here...granted my parents aren't going to be able to get into the camp in NH for a while - the snow was up over the roof practically up there!

    Lucy - hope you are well!

    heather - hope you are doing well too!

    as for me - donor technically still without AF, basically went a full month without it since her last donation, but last labs in Mon did show she ovulated, so now waiting for her to officially get AF - I'm on BCPs and to start lupron this weekend, anticipating ER/ET for the end of May, beginning of June per the nurses best estimates...

    let this be the one!

    take care everyone!


  20. Hey ladies (for some reason I stopped getting inbox alerts...hmph) Anyway, thinsg are OK here. miles is up 2x a night now instead of 5, I'll take it. Jen, glad things are progressing close! Derb...hoping this time's the charm...shoot...ds just woke up...AGAIN!

  21. Adrienne - hi! Glad ds is sleeping better!
    angelave - how's the lupron going?

    Everyone else - big hello!!!

    I just found out that I have gestational diabetes, minor, but still have to worry about it. My feet and hands are swollen, but so far preeclampsia is staying away. I hope it remains that way. I have 7 more weeks to go before they are confident they can do a csection without issue for the babies.

    Nursery is done, everything washed and put away, though we are still getting stuff given to us - ugh! I appreciate it, but we're running out of space!! I cant wait till they are here - it will be so much more real... right now, I feel like a malfunctioning body of yuck.

    as for names - i think we are going with Tatiana and Benjamin. We'll call them Ben and Tia (sounds like an ice cream company!)

    Hope you are all doing well!

  22. Jen - love the names! and glad to hear the nursery is set - sorry to hear though that you have gest diab....and feel like 'yuck'... I'll keep wishing away anything else for you though! here's to getting those last 7 weeks in safe and sound!

    adrienne - 2 is way better than 5! between my 2 dogs and 2 cats - I am typically up 4 times, so I guess I'll be ready lol

    Shannon - the weather around here was almost 85 degrees! I hope you aren't getting any more signs of the white stuff!

    hellos to everyone else!

    donor got AF so she will begin her lupron mid-may....I'm on my last 3 days of BCPs and cont with the it's finally getting more \'real\'...

    hugs to all


  23. just updating you busy ladies!

    donor is set to begin lupron 5/6....ER/ET is still estimated for the end of May (after the holiday weekend at best guess for now) early June...I am on lupron now and will add estrace next week...

    please let this be the one!


  24. Hi ladies~

    I didn't realize how long it had been since I last checked in. Glad to hear you are doing well.

    angelave~I'm so excited for you to be starting again. I will pray so hard that this is the one for you.

    Jen~Any news on the babies? I love the names. My s/brother just named his twin boys Benjamin and Elijah and they call them Ben and Eli. I bet your so anxious. How many weeks are you now? I'm thinking around 32ish. Your almost there!!!

    Adrienne~I would take 2 times over 5 anyday. Brady has been sleeping through the night for the last couple of nights, but got a cold and decided he needed a bottle around 3am. After the cold when away he kept thinking that so I've had to readjust his thinking a bit . Anyway- I think we're back on track with that now. How old is Miles now?

    Lucy & Heather~Hello to the both of you too.

    Everything here is going well. We found out we're having a girl so we're super excited about that. Mason is already calling her his Princess Sister which is really cute and he also called her \"macaroni\" which doesn't surprise me a bit since he nicknamed Brady \"corndog\" before he was born. I am 18 weeks today which is hard to believe already. Our snow is finally gone...YEAH!!! We got 2 feet last weekend which is really crazy for this time of year, but the last of it finally melted in the last couple of days. I am so ready for some nice weather. We are heading to Texas for a family reunion on teh 14th so it should be nice there. I'm a little nervous about flying with both boys, but it will be good practice for flying with all 3 of them in December. I'm glad you are all doing well.

    Take Care,
    Shannon (Brady 7-months today & Mason- 3)

  25. I ladies - quick update post for me.

    The twins were born on 5/5 at 10:14 and 10:15am. Both babies weighed 4 lbs 14 oz. Ben was 18 inches long and Tia was 17.25 inches long. They arent on any kind of support other than an IV and in the little incubator thing. They are doing so well!!

    I was 33w2d when I delivered. My water broke in the middle of the night - and here we are!!

    More later - drugs are doing weird things to me.

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