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  1. My appointment went really great. The little grapes are a little over an inch now in length...and I actually got to see them move their little heads, hands and feet (although those were a little difficult to see). Boy, they are really starting to look like babies now!! They released me yesterday!!! (No more shots and only 1 more week of suppositories). I did; however, get sent home yesterday with a stomach bug (that's no fun). Hope you ladies are lucky enough to avoid that!

    So Adrienne, your big day is today. (I'll be thinking and praying for you!!) Can't wait to hear your results!!

    angelave, Sounds like a good switch!! I did 100% ICSI (b/c of MF). And, I've heard that AH can do nothing but help! Will you start BCP as soon as AF comes? Is it looking like an early May ER? That will be here before you know it.

    sincap33, how was the visit? Did you like the new RE? I hope he gave you good vibes!!

    Lucy, how about you...when does eveything start up? Have you gotten AF yet?

  2. Hello Ladies...

    I am so glad that you are all sill around and doing well.

    Shannon-I bet you are anxious about your upcoming ultrasound on 04/4. Its exciting and nerve wrecking. Keep us posted.

    triantaphstavr-So glad to hear that both babies are doing so well. I must say its amazing on how much the baby/ies change on ultrasounds after just a few weeks difference.

    Sneezy-Good luck with retreival let us know how it goes?

    waintinababy-Hello How are things with you my dear??

    As for me I still have no AF. My last period was 02/22. I still don't have AF but thats not strange because I have PCOS so my period takes longer to come. Im sure its just around the corner.

    An FET cycle is completed within 2wks. When one gets there peiod they start estrace. You then get an appt on day 12 to check the lining. If the lining is thick enough you have FET transfer on day 13 or 14. Its so quick and painless compared to IVF.

    Talk to you later.


  3. Hey Lucy, I say an extra Prayer for you tonight for that AF to show up!! I actually know all about estrace...I have been on that from the week after transfer (for my lining). I finally ran out and they said that it was high enough. So, does that mean that you could be having your transfer mid April? I just feel good vibes for everyone!!

  4. Well ladies - it's been a good day so far. Have a lot of cleaning today (I took the day off because of my RE consult and nice weather, so now I have to prove to DH I did something while he was at work!!!)

    I love love love the new clinic!! I explained everything from the last 2 cycles and she (the RE) literally made faces. She said that it seemed a bit early to cancel the second time around. We both agreed that the first time it was best to cancel. If you're not supressing, you're not supressing, but as for the second cycle and the stims, she thought that I should have been allowed to continue and usually you dont get cancelled after 7 days unless there is nothing going on. She spent a lot of time with us and even talked a bit personal (about the puppy and stuff we like to do) - VERY good vibes. DH liked it too. She also recommended getting the PESA or whatever for DH now just in case we find out there's nothing brewing on his end. The old RE insisted that we wait. DH didnt like that, but is more comfortable now knowing that we can find out if he's \"ok\".

    They also want to do a phone conference once they get my records from the other place to discuss protocol and such. I'm very relieved that they are so involved already. They also do all their procedures right there, so there is no working around a OR or anything at a hospital which is nice. I'm so relieved and excited again - of course I started crying when we were wrapping up with the RE. I think she thought I was crazy.

    Oh yeah, and she was concerned that I wasnt given progesterone after being cancelled to ensure I got AF, so if AF doesnt rear her ugly head in 4 days, RE wants to know and is going to \"step in\".

    I wish I would have started there in the first place, then maybe by now we would have had results. The only thing I'm not looking forward too are the PIO shots... yeah, according to their \"info book\" the PIO shots are part of the protocol. I was going to use the suppositories. It's possible that they may still use them since they were ordered from the pharmacy, but not sure yet.

    I will speak to each of you in a later post. Just wanted to give a quick update as to what I found out.

    Thank you all for being here for me and for all your well wishes. It really helps get through this vicious cycle and to have people who truly understand to share it with!!!

  5. Hey guys!! I'm back home now after ER. It took a lot less time than I thought, only about 20 minutes for the retrieval itself but then I hung out and waited for DH to get finished. He's so funny. The nurse asked me if I wanted to go with him for inspiration and I said nope, he probably brought his own. No sooner did I say that then DH stepped to the side and I could see that, yes indeed, he did bring his own inspiration. There, sitting on the chair was his portable DVD player. Clearly, I've been married way too long. So anyway, my back pain has miraculously dissappeared but I feel like I've got a bad combination of menstrual cramps and a bladder infection. Still, I can walk...just a little old lady.

    As for the eggies...out of 18 follicles they retrieved 17 eggs! WOO HOO!!

    They\'re doing ICSI on all of them so hopefully all/most will fertilize. I won't get the fert report until tomorrow tho. Thanks again for the well wishes, you have no idea how much I appreciate it.

    OK, I'm off to hang out on the couch, watch my movies, sleep, be waited on hand and foot. You know, the good things in life. Adrienne

  6. adrienne - YEAH! happy for you! that sounds great! i'll be interested to hear how the ICSI goes since that is what we'll be doing this time around...and funny about your DH - mine thought about bringing the protable DVD player I got him for Christmas - granted that was NOT the reason! LOL - rest up and here's to a great fert report!!!! rest up and take it easy!

    sincap33 - a big YEAH for you too! I'm soooo glad that you AND DH like the new RE....and that she is taking a very active role so quickly - here's to a great protocol with a happy ending!

    heather - way too cool to hear that you can see your beans moving! that's very exciting!

    shannon - 4/4 will be here soon enough! can't believe we're jumping into April next week!

    Lucy - glad you are still here too! you're ET will be here shortly as well!

    I'm with Heather - this sounds/feels like a good cycle going around!

    night all!


  7. Wow, the last 2 days have had lots of happenings for our little group. It sounds like a lot of positive vibes going on.

    Heather~I'm so glad the babies are doing well. It's such a relief to see them move. Just wait for your next U/S. Its amazing how much growth happens in the next 2-3weeks. I wanted to let you know I've been visiting with a couple of ladies on the Oct. pregnancy board. (Actually we stayed on the beta board til yesterday since we we're all a little nervous), but anyway its a small group of us and 2 of them are having twins too. You might want to join us. I think Raye named it \"october babies\".

    sincap33~I'm so glad your appt. went well. It sounds like you had such a positive experience there. Good Vibes!!! So will you start ASAP?

    Lucy~I'm still doing the AF dance!!! I didn't realize FET was such a quick cycle. So you'll probably have your ET in April. I'm so excited for you. keep eating those Lucky Charms.

    Adrienne~WOO HOO!!! What an awesome egg count. How many will you put back? That back pain really stinks so I'm glad its gone. You'll be moving a little slow for a day or 2 then should get back to normal pretty quickly. The 1 cycle of mine that I felt really bad for a while I had hyperstimmed so watch for that. Drinking lots of fluids helps (I hear Gatorade especially). keep us posted on your results tomorrow.

    Hi angelave~I'm doing an AF dance for you too.


  8. hello - happy friday!!

    heather - that's gotta be so great, seeing the 2 little ones moving around! How exciting!

    Lucy - move furniture!!! angelave swears by it to bring on AF!! I hope this time works for you. I'd love to get to the point of FET!

    Adrienne - 17, that's great. Hope the report's good. Go fertilization!!

    angelave - I think we may be on similar protocols. My new RE was talking about doing something different since my response was delayed

    Shannon - how'd the nuchal fold test go?

    if I missed anyone, sorry... I have a short attention span!!

  9. I feel LOOOOADDDS better today but I imagine it helped to get the fertilization report too.

    Here\'s what we got:
    18 follicles
    17 eggs
    15 mature/ICSI\'d
    13 fertilized!

    So now we're just waiting for tomorrow to see how they divide. If we have enough Grade A embies (more than 5, I think), we'll transfer on Tuesday. If there are less than that we'll transfer on Sunday. In the mean time, did I mention that I feel MUUUUCCCH, MUUUUCCCH better?

    Heather: I'm so excited for you and the babes! Grow babies, grow (symptoms be darned...easier said, i know)
    Shannon: Wow, crossing over to the other side! Every little thing is such a huge milestone and emotional hurdle, congrats!!
    Lucy: I swear my accupuncturist did something to bring on AF. 1.5 hrs after my appointment AF started.
    Wantin: Good luck!! The new clinic sounds WONDERFUL!

  10. Adrienne...Wow, 13 is Great!!! Let's hope for all Grade A's. If by chance they don't all come back grade A's tomorrow...don't loose hope...mine got better each day 3, they had all caught up and they changed their mind to a day 5 transfer...just thought I'd share that little bit of hope. I know the numbers and the quality can just impact you sooooooo much. I was so upset at first...but things turned hope for the best...but can improve (if it's not where you'd like it to be)!!!!! In fact, one more of mine even fertilized by the second day! I'll be praying hard for you and your little embies.... divide...embies...divide!

    Shannon, have you started packing? That's the hard part...especially pregnant...but at least you'll be through the 1st trimestre (hopefully) before you move. And, of lifting for you! We're in the new house...but boxes are everywhere. Everyday I wonder where the box is that has that one thing I needed. Good luck on the inspection...have you had it on the old house yet?

    Maybe we should all join in on an AF Dance for you guys!!! I can't wait til you guys get started again. Something about this board, I just love being a part of these \"soon-to-be-success stories\"! Everyday, I can't wait to find out what's happening with you guys!! My husband swears that I've lost it...I have to run to the computer to check...I had withdrawls over the weekend!

    Take care everyone...have a fertile weekend!!! And, know that I'll be praying for each of you!!!!!!!

  11. Thanks, Heather! That is very encouraging!

  12. adrienne - that's great! I agree that more can fertilize as time goes on so you may have more than you think now even! here's to a \"top class\" full of A students! I'm sure they are doing their \"multiplication homework\"! LOL (I love when I can add a little humor in all this - helps to move things along I think!) here's to hoping for a 5dt! can't wait to hear more!

    sincap33 - looking forward to hearing what your final protocol will be - any idea when you might get more news?

    shannon and heather - thanks for the dance! I've got to keep her away just a \"bit\" longer though until I get the insurance auth, so I can get the meds all here first...

    Lucy - big hello! any signs of AF for you?



  13. Hi Girls,

    Okay I moved furniture.. Still no AF.... Im going to wait till the end of next week then call the office to get started on Provera to induce my AF. I do beleive that I have some type of infection \"down there\". I think I have some type of bacterial infection. It burns when I pee and its itchy.... Its not a UTI im sure of that and its not a yeast infection because I already used that stuff. Im worried.

    Hope all is well with my prego girls...

    I cant wait to start cycling.

    Hi to all the other girlssssssssss.. hugs... kisses


  14. Hello everyone! Got my records from the old RE. I found that I had other issues that they didnt tell me about. Whether it will really effect me or has and effect on the procedures I dont know yet.

    I guess I have 2 \"myomas\" one intramural and one submucus or something like that. I'm not sure what that means, but after a quick run on the internet, some may have no consequense, and some could cause infertility and m/c. Nice. Also found something in the records saying something about cysts on my cervix. Never heard that before, not even from my regular ob/gyn. Soooo... hopefully this new RE will tell me what the hell is going on and how hard this is really going to be.

    I also found all my hormone levels - second time around they were going up, and I think I was cancelled prematurely. Again, we'll see what the new RE says. After reading these, it's pretty disturbing everything I DIDNT know about myself!!

    I think I'm going to have to go on Provera too. RE said if AF didnt start by the 3rd, we're going to make it start, so Lucy, I may be on that ride with you. Have you ever been on it before? Is it another shot or what? Take care of that possible infection too...

    have a great rest of the weekend ladies. I call my new RE on Monday to see what they want me to do with these records and find out what's next. I'll probably know for sure in a week or so.

  15. Oooh, Lucy, good luck. Infections (I've had many...I'm just lucky like that) are NO fun!

    Wantin: It drives me nuts that the RE won't tell me all the nitty gritty details! I got the call today that our embies are high-quality enough that they're going to push them out to blast and transfer on Tuesday. OK, so how many, exactly are Grade A, B, etc? It was like pulling teeth!

  16. Adrienne: good news on the transfer. I was thinking about you last night...wondering if they were transferred or not. I haven't been online all weekend. Good luck on the transfer! It's a piece o'cake. The only thing I struggled with was keeping still. But like Shannon had mentioned to me...they recommend some activity...not complete bedrest. But, it is limited...I drove myself crazy. I was ready to go back to work by day 4! Have you decided how many to transfer? We were set on two up til the day. On the day, they convinced us to do three...b/c of the quality. Good luck no matter how many you transfer... I'll say a special prayer for you tomorrow morning!

    angelave, I will do the hurry up insurance and authorized...and AF wait to visit until insurance is authorized dance!!!!

    Lucy, hope that infection clears up soon...that's gotta be uncomfortable.

    sincap33, I am with you...I'd be upset at your old doc too...they need to be telling you things about yourself. If you had issues, you should have known what those were. That seems neglegent on their parts. But, this new RE...sounds like a dream! Someone that's willing to listen...and hopefully try things to get you past your medical problems...Seems promising!!

    Shannon, getting excited about the test? Thanks for telling me about the other thread...I'll check that lunch! I tried the late October one...but it was really hard keeping up...there were over 30 people posting. I like the smaller ones...where you can get to know the ladies personally (like you guys!) It sounds like a good choice!!

    As for me...I had a scare this weekend. I had the stomach flu with vingence. It was so bad that my stomach would not stop contracting...which freaked me out! I called the doc at 3:30 in the morning on Friday evening...he told me that it sounded like I was dehydrated. They told me that if it didn't stop by the morning, that I would have to be admitted. They put me on a strick water only diet...for 12 hours then other liquids and crackers, etc...for another 12. Luckily, I was able to get all the water down that they recommended...and the pain stopped. Whew....that was a close one. Spent the rest of the weekend locked in the house. Hope this ugly beast stays away from you ladies!

    Prayers and thoughts go out to all of you!


  17. heather - I had that stomach flu once... I lost 15 pounds and DH was just about to take me to the emergency room when I started keeping things down. Luckily I wasnt pregnant though!! Hope you're feeling much better!!!

    Adrienne - good luck with the transfer! Did you find out the quality yet?

    Lucy - how's \"down there\" ... letting up any?? You know, when I was on BCPs for a while (before I knew I'd have issues getting pg), I'd get an infection right before AF like every couple of months.

    other ladies - take care and hope you're all doing great!

  18. Hey guys...I'm having kind of a rough day (work sucks) and I started the day with really strong cramping before driving to work but I'm better now (a sign I should quit when my contract expires rather than take an extension?? )

    The lab says no checking on Day 4 embies; they just let 'em grow in peace...but of the 13 that fertilized, 11 continued to grow! We have 6 Grade As, 3 Bs, and 2 Cs (booo hissss). I'm hoping we'll end up with 4 frosties (A or B) but we'll see! Transfer is tomorrow (still waiting on the clinic to call with a time).

  19. adrienne - that sounds great! can't wait to hear the final details of your transfer!

    lucy - hope that you are feeling better \"down there\" and that you get AF soon!

    sincap33 - that's crazy that there was/is so much more to your record than you were ever told- even if they don't have much interference with your cycles - you would think that you would at least have been informed of the findings and told if they would or wouldn't interfere!

    heather - thanks for the dance!

    shannon - hope you are well!

    got to run - DH stayed home tonight so only short posts!


  20. Hi all~

    I had a lot of reading to do to get caught up. I had computer problems this weekend, but they've seemed to resolve themselves. Kinda weird. It was probably good though cause I have a lot to do, but would rather be on line so i actually got some stuff done. we had ourt home inspection saturday which went fairly well so we have to wait now to see what the buyers want dealt with. I have my Nuchal fold Wed. I'm a little nervous cause I haven't had many pg symptoms lately so I hope things are still going OK. Wednesday will hopefully take that huge weight away if we get good results.

    Heather~Are you feeling better? I can't imagine having the flu while being pg.

    Adrienne~Best of luck tomorrow. How many will you transfer?

    Lucy~Did you watch Deal or No Deal tonight? The 1st Alaskan was on. Too bad it wasn't me. Have you sent in your tape yet? Any signs of AF?

    sincap33~I'm so glad to hear you love the new clinic. That can make all the difference on your cycle. It's soooo important to have a good relationship with your RE. Maybe getting cancelled was a blessing in disguise and the new clinic is where you need to be. I sure hope you didn't have to pay for this last cycle. They should have to reimburse you for cancelling prematurely.

    angelave~How long will it take to preauth your ins. ? Thats awesome that it will probably be covered. So do you think you'll cycle again in May then?

    Have a good night

  21. Hey Shannon, we're only transferring two embies and depending on what they say, we may be convinced to just do one. DH and I are really aiming for a healthy singleton. I hope all goes well with your U/S. Sticky thoughts!!

  22. happy Tuesday (wish it was friday!!)

    Luckily, I never got far enough in either cycle to have to pay anything. So far, insurance between DH and mine covered all the tests and stuff. At least from what I can tell. But then again, who knows, they havent been telling me anything!! I'm worried that at this new place I wont get financed, but I guess we'll see.

    Shannon - good luck with your test. How far along are you now?
    Adrienne - good luck with transfer. Let us know how it goes.

    oh yeah, I talked with my new RE yesterday - scheduling for late June/early July since they are already booked for May. THat's ok though. Still waiting for AF. If nothing today, they're gonna force it. I am kinda enjoying the break though.

    I'll check back when I can - things are starting to get nightmare-ish here...

  23. Hi Girls,

    Well its offical. I have a yeast infection & a UTI. Both. Greatttt!!

    I just started a suppository that must be taken for 3 days. I have also been given a cream for external purposes. I will check back with my Dr on Thursday because she sent pathology work out to the hospital to find out the best way to treat my UTI. So Thursday I will get meds for the UTI part of things.

    I havent gotten a period since Feb 22. Its now 40 days. I keep getting the cramps but no AF. I will wait till Monday. Clear up my infections and call the office Monday to go on Provera. Thats about it.

    Shannon-I did see deal or no deal. Oh my god!! I felt so bad for the woman. I wanted her to win. I think she left with $204,000 thats GREAT!!! I wish it were you because at least I would know what you look like!!

    Heather-How are you feeling??

    Adrienne-Good luck with transfer...

    sincap33-Im in the same boat. If I don't get AF by Monday im calling the office to get Provera. Ughhh


  24. Lucy - how the heck did you get that lucky to have both!! Ugh!!! Hopefully you feel relief soon!!

    Talked to my RE today. They are just going to \"wait out\" AF since I dont have to do anything until June, plus I have to redo all my day 3 tests since my originals were over 6 months ago. yippee....

    I'll check in with you all later. Gonna play with the dogs while the weather is nice. It's supposed to go from 78 to 29 degrees here overnight!!!

  25. sincap33 - glad to hear that at least you \"know\" when you'll be starting up again! 78 to 29 yikes! that's cold!!!!! holding in the mid 40s or so around here - damp and drizzly - yuk!

    lucy - so sorry to hear that you've been hit with a double whammy! I hope that the meds clear things up quickly and you begin to feel better soon!

    Shannon - here's to a perfect test tomorrow! glad to hear that the inspection went well!

    crowe9 - any updates? can't wait to hear! I'm sure this will be a BFP for you!

    heather - howdy!

    I'm still waiting on the ins auth - usually takes about 2 weeks, they submitted on 3/22 so that's just about 12 days ago - so hopefully will hear soon - and then let the furniture moving commence! LOL!

    have a good night everyone!


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