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  1. You know who you are...


    And anyone else I've missed...

  2. Thanks crowe9-
    We lost a few of those people along the way, but the rest of us are still around.


  3. Yay!! We have a new thread!!!

    I\'m so happy for you ladies! And I have to say it's hard remembering what everyone said on the other thread, so forgive me if I forget what you guys said.

    angelave - I think last time, I had AF or some form of it for 2 weeks. Once I stopped these meds, I literally felt nothing. I did have the bruises come out on my belly though. Nice dime sized purple dots... oh yeah, and the nice big flag of Guinea on the left side. I swear, that's what it looked like - and HUGE!!! Still there, but fading into Monaco.

    well, have a great one ladies!!!

  4. Hey ladies...thanks for starting the new thread! Glad that we are all sticking together.\'ve got a great attitude. Glad you are pushing on and trying someone new. You'll have to let us know how your visit goes. I pray that theres a good fit and that these guys can better handle your meds. You should tell them about the Follistim burning..maybe there's a better med for your case. Had you made the appointment before or after the bird poop? I think that's a great sign of things to come!

    Shannon, thanks for explaining that test...I have always wondered what that was. Is that something that they freely offer to those under 35...or do you have to request it? I have one more appointment with the Wednedsday...then I don't see the OB until April 12....I'm having withdrawls already. Congrats on the good are almost past the dreaded first trimestre! And, your little one is a fetus now...(according to some sights).. I'll bet the u/s pics are really getting interesting...did you say you had one this time? I had a really hard time picking out which end was which.. The u/s tech said oh look there's the head...I said \"there?\"...and she said, nope that's the other end. Go figure.

    angelave, can't wait to hear your next protocol. Here's to some successful May cycles!!!!

    Lucy, good luck on the upcoming FET... I feel good things coming up for this thread!

    crowe9...can't wait to hear good news tomorrow about that very thick, clearly ready lining!!! Wednesday is just around the corner! Hope your follies are responding well!

    As for closing, it all happened yesterday; however, we had to put a little money in escrow for the inspector to come out today. The memphis inspector is coming out this morning...sometime between 8 and 12 (what a window, huh). Hopefully, they don't decide to make a case of us and write us up for a bunch of stuff. I'm hoping they're reasonable. I'll know more later...I'm home packing today and we start the move tomorrow and Saturday...I'll probably be offline for a couple of days...we decided to bite the bullet and go the cheaper DSL route...but won't have a modem for a couple of, if I go off-line this weekend...good luck to you all this weekend!!!

  5. Heather - made the appt the morning before the bird took a nice dump on me later that afternoon.
    I'm never going to wash that shirt again!! Just kidding. I really think I'm losing it!!

  6. crowe9 - thanks for starting up the new thread! it's very catchy as you read down the thread list I'm also hoping that you have a great u/s with a lining that is ready for that embie to settle in on!

    sincap33 -thanks for the feedback on AF - I think she's finally gone hoping she doesn't show up in any way now...just want to focus on next Wed...I keep staring at the calendar waiting for the end of April to get here already!

    triantaphstavr - hoping that the inspector you get passes you along without a hitch! one down, one to go! yeah!

    lucy - hope you make it over here....

    shannon - thanks for the info on the nuchal fold test!

    wednesday can't get here soon enough!


  7. sincap33 - hope this isn't too personal - but had to ask, looking back a few posts - I had just remembered that you had posted that your DH had a vas, no reversal - too expensive, and your IVF stuff was covered under PA a mandated state for coverage? interested in what ins you have that covers for IF stuff even with DH s/p vas? [granted you also made a small comment about DH in parenthesis and I can't recall it at this very moment].... I'm only asking because on the vas board, it had come up before with people asking about to reverse or not to reverse...and DH and I had chosen to take the gamble on out of pocket for the VR - because if we didn't, insurance would never have covered any IF stuff (even if a female factor was evident) because of his we had to do the VR and hope that his numbers returned to nl to get any coverage (which, thank goodness they did and we are very fortunate to have really good coverage ) cost us about $6000 out of pocket for the reversal...but overall much less expensive than any IF cycles...just curious - don't feel obligated to comment...



  8. angelave - nothing's too personal around here!!! PA I dont think is mandated for ins coverage. I think I just have really good medical from work (BC/BS). DH's doesnt cover any IF treatment, only dx (BC/BS, but not same policy).

    So far, no one has said that they wont cover because he has a vas. I dont know if the docs arent saying anything to them or what. I went through FertilityLifelines and they got our history then did the work through the insurance company, then sent us a letter saying what was and wasnt covered.

    So far all my tests and u/s have been covered by both insurances, so we lucked out so far.

  9. Good morning (here in HI) to one and all!! Just a quick update. I went in for my Day 8 check up this morning (blood, draw, ultrasound, and progesterone injection lesson). DH came too. We saw all the lovely little follicles...all 15 of them. There were 9 on the left side and 6 on the right. For those keeping track at home that's three more than there were on Tuesday (and I feel every last one of em!). Most are measuring 11-13 mm and they're all bunched together in size, none leaping ahead and only 1-2 really lagging behind at 8-9 mm. The nurse kept talking about how they should have been taking pictures of me to show a textbook classical stimulation. My uterine lining jumped from a paultry 2 mm to a whopping 7 mm in the last three days so I expect to trigger on Monday, WOO HOO! I'm right on schedule and feeling might-tee proud of myself!!

  10. sincap33 - that's great that you are getting stuff covered! It really should be for everyone - we all pay for insurance - so why not be fair and equal about the whole thing! we have HP for insurance through his work - I'm on his plan - mine would be too expensive (small company); he works for the town/city so much better...(and I still get a smile thinking about bird poop trying to fall on one's tummy...)

    crowe9 - fantastic report! that's great and all that worry about your lining - phew! great to hear that they are all about the same size too! I had one that shot up like a spark and raced ahead of the others, fortunately it then chilled out a bit and let the other's catch up - glad to hear that you are looking at a Monday trigger! if you're anything like me, you'll spend all weekend trying to do anything that could potentially be deemed \"lifting\" in prep to try to do absolutely nothing after that trigger! yeah!

    how are our real estate moguls in residence doing? - shannon? heather?

    Lucy - hope you are well!

    TGIF ladies!


  11. The nurse called and said they like to see e2 at 1000 on Day 8. Mine was 1007 How nifty is that? HOO HOO! My mom's in town and this is a holiday weekend in HI so we're going to a luau and the beach, doing touristy stuff before I'm confined to the bed. Fortunately, I have a laptop and wireless at home! Have a great weekend everyone!

  12. Hi all~

    Heather~My OB is starting to do the nuchal fold for any patient if they want one. It's supposedly much more accurate (95%) than the triple screen (65%)so there pretty much replacing one with the other. I sure hope your move has been a success. It's such a stressful time so I hope your getting your rest and staying as calm as possible. How are the babies?

    angelave~Just a few more days and you should hopefully get some answers.

    sincap33~Any more good stories??? I have to say the bird poop story is one of the funniest I have heard in a while. When is your next appointment? I'm so glad your not giving up. A new protocal may be all you need.

    crowe9~I'm so glad to hear everything is going well with your cycle. Keep us posted on how your ER goes. Will it be Wednesday?

    Lucy~When\'s your FET? Hope you make it over here.

    As for me- we got a higher offer on the house than the last one so we took it. We also still have the other one to fall back on also if something happens with this one, but hopefully it will all go well. We have been to every appliance and furniture store this last week to figure out what we need/want for the new house. Shopping used to be soooo much fun, but I'm sooo sick of it now. We finally settled on a new washer and dryer today and I think we've picked the family room set, dining set and my DS's furniture, but it's such a big decision. DH leaves Tuesday so things should calm down a bit then and it will be time to start cleaning out and packing. I will check back later.


  13. Hi Ladies,

    I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!! Here I am. Thanks so much for starting a new thread.

    My update is still awaiting AF its about 3 days late which isn't uncommon. I have so pretty bad cramps but still no bleed. I can't wait so I can get this show on the road. I will start estace as soon as I bleed.

    **Funny story... Im think im seriously losing in.

    I was eating lucky charms cereal this morning while thinking about my upcoming FET cycle. I was like I wonder if this whole FET will work? All of a sudden I put my spoon into the cereal and the only thing that came out on the spoon was a \"four leaf clover\" piece. ****I have some serious issues** Hope you enjoy the laugh. I think its a sign...

    Shannon-Glad to hear your pregnancy is going well. Im happy that you got an offer on your house. Are you still getting the orignal 1st one that you talked about?

    triantaphstavr,angelave,sneezy one,sincap33- HELOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    **Much Love


  14. Lucy~So glad you made it over here. I hope AF arrives soon so you can get rolling again. I'm sure your anxious. Once you start the Estace, how long til FET? I think any signs are great. I would have thought the same thing.

    Yes, we got the same 1st house I mentioned. It was a little touch and go for a while, but should hopefully go smoothly now. The owners are taking a loss on the house so they we're trying to stick us with a lot of closing costs that weren't our responsibility. We got that all worked out and now will have the inspection on Monday. I'm excited to get to go in it again.

    It was nice hearing from you.


  15. IVF_Mom: Good luck with the house Shannon, I'm glad things are finally back on track. Lots of people are taking losses on sales these days.

    Lucy: C'mon AF...I know the wait is the pits!

    As for me, I go in for (hopefully) my final u/s tomorrow am and then they'll tell me if I can trigger tomorrow night. They're also going to go over ER procedures and do the OR intake n' stuff. I'm so psyched! I had fifteen follies at last count and I'm crossing my fingers for 10 eggies! My ER should be Wed with transfer either on Saturday am or Monday morning! My 31st bday was yesterday too and DH and I went out for dinner and a movie. I'm in a great mood! I just hope the good news continues.

  16. Lucy - funny story. I'll take any sign I can get!!

    Sneezy - good luck and happy belated birthday!!

    Shannon - good luck with house. What does your husband do that has him leaving all the time?

    everyone else - hello and best wishes!

    I'm pretty tired and sore - did a lot of work outside this weekend because it was so nice, so gonna kick back today.

  17. Good morning ladies...Just clocking in with a quick note. Today is a state holiday in HI so I'm hanging out with my fam gain today. The good news is that everything still looks good. I now have 18 follies (3 more than on Friday). The bad news is that not enough follies are in the 16-18 range so I have to stim again tonight and go in for more B/W and another u/s tomorrow. My ER will be Thursday, not Wed. Hope you all had a great weekend and thanks for the bday wishes!! Adrienne

  18. adrienne/crowe9 - Happy Belated Bday! sorry with my late wishes! sounds like you are having a 31st to remember! Here's to a great ER! can't wait to hear how things go for you!

    Shannon - yeah on the house offer! that's great! the housing market around where I am is pretty slow right now - so to hear that you got a second higher offer is fantastic! and glad that you are getting the house you had your sights set on!

    Lucy - glad you're here! funny about the lucky charms - if this works for you - I'm going to the store and buying myself a fews boxes to eat while I sit under the bird house in my backyard waiting to get 'hit' with a poop! LOL!

    sincap33 - hope you were able to rest easy!

    heather - hope you are well!

    take care everyone - I'm hoping my report comes in the mail tomorrow - so I have it before I go to the RE on I can get my questions all in order ahead of time...after Wed - I'll just be waiting for AF, then I'd have to wait umtil my cd21 labs or u/s, I can't remember which, so I can then begin the lupron I'm still at least 5 weeks out before I have to start sticking it to myself in any way, shape or form....right around the time I'm due to go to a friend's baby maybe it will be a sign!

    have a good night!


  19. Hi everyone~ I'm just checking in.

    angelave~So did the report come? I know you are so anxious, but at least you'll get some news tomorrow. The housing market has slowed way down here too. We just happen to have a small house and those are still pretty hot on the market, but the larger ones which we are buying are coming down in price so we got a great deal.

    Adrienne~Happy Belated B-day. Hope you had a great one. How did your tests go today? Congrats on more follies. Thats a great #. I had way too many so the quality was so-so, but 18 sounds about perfect.

    sincap33~My DH is a production operator, for Shell Oil, on a platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Shell will be in full production in Alaska in the next few years so he is down there temporarily learning the platform. He works 2 wks on and 2 wks off so thats why he is always coming and going. Crazy Life!!! When's your next appointment?

    Lucy~I love the Lucky Charm story. We sure learn to find encouragement any where we can huh!!! Driving down for my ER this last time we saw sooo many mother and baby moose. I just knew it was a good sign. keep the positive thoughts. I will also do an AF dance for you.

    Heather~Did you make it through the move? I'm right behind you so any tips you can give will be great. We haven't moved in 11 years. I'm gonna start cleaning out closets this weekend. It's gonna be a huge job.

    As for me- We had the home inspection on the new house yesterday and it went great. We also settled on some furniture so things are moving along nicely. i just can't wait to move now. The home inspection on our house is Saturday so we'll see how that goes. I'm a little nervous about it. I'll check in later.


  20. Hi ladies! Nothing going on here. DH has poison ivy or something really bad on his arms - poor guy. We were doing some stuff around the house and he must have found a patch of it.

    Going to the new RE on Thursday - still havent gotten my old records though. Gettin a little irritated.

    I'm also secretly wishing/hoping that my DH's vas maybe reconnected. I'm supposted to be getting AF now and feel no symptoms at all, but I know I'm just reaching for fantasy land.

    The good news - the national flags on my belly have FINALLY gone away. Still a little sore where the bruises were, but you cant see them.

    Shannon - I've always wondered what a job like that would be like. Sometimes I wish my DH would go away for a while and come back. I guess the grass is always greener!!! I cant complain though. So once he's back in Alaska, wont he still have to go out on the platform for a while too? Good luck with the house too!

    Talk to you all soon!!!

  21. Lucy, what a great sign!! Sounds like you'll be starting up before you know it. With an FET, how long is the cycle? Will ET be in April or May? I feel a good couple of months coming for this group!!!

    As for me, I survived the move...but barely. The A/c ended up failing, b/c the city inspector had a case to prove, I'm sure...but it only cost 400 to fix...which was much better than the first est. of 1000. The move was really rough ( we have waaaaaayyyyyy too much stuff), and they called to say that the truck we were supposed to get we couldn't have b/c it weighed too much for our insurance to that time, it was too late to get a different one...soooo we used a bunch of trucks from friends...all of the guys in our church group showed up (I was bawling...just feeling so loved by our group)...and got us moved.

    The last couple of days have been miserable...been feeling really nauseated and uncomfortable. I feel like I'm definately growing...I'm officially 9 weeks today. I broke down and started wearing maternity tops (b/c of the length of my shirt (really hard to not notice the budge when, my shirt are too short (I'm long-waisted anyway). Anyway, everyone at work knows now...but as emotional as I've been lately, I think it's okay that they understand why. Kinda feels good not having to hide it anymore.

    Shannon, good luck on the inspection...hopefully it will all be very minor things...easily and cheaply fixed!!! How are you feeling? I'm definately gonna ask for that test...another chance to see the little ones! I have one more appt with the RE tomorrow...before they cut me loose. I'm hoping they do one more u/s. I just hope they are still hanging on and growing like they should.

    sincap33...good luck with your appt. on Thursday. I sure hope you get good vibes when you meet with them. I hope that they are open to hearing from you about your concerns and adapting their plans based on those concerns.

    Adrienne....can\'t wait to hear your results.. What a great count!!!

    I\'ll keep praying for all of you. I can just feel success coming for all!!!!

  22. Still swamped at work so just another drive by entry from me...

    I'm glad the home sales and moves are moving right along. Congrats to all! I know that's a huge hassle. I cannot imagine doing it PG!

    So, I went in this morning. My b/w isn't back yet but yesterday's (CD11) showed an e2 of 2926. They expect about 70% of my follies actually contain eggs so there is every reason to expect a blast frosty or two (WOO HOO). I take one more dose of folly/repro this afternoon then take my trigger shot tonight with DH. I'll be off work Thursday through Monday (3dt) or Go back Monday then take Tuesday and Wednesday off (5dt) we'll see. I'm hoping we have at least 5 grade A's so we can take em to blast!

    Good luck everyone!

    Sneezy (31 years young)

  23. crowe9 - that sounds like a great plan - here's to lots of eggies!

    heather - glad that the move is at least over and that you had some great friends to help you out in the end! one of my friends was into her maternity jeans way before her 3 month mark - it was just too uncomfortable for her not too! Hey, might as well wear them once you can! get lots of wear and tear out of them - before you know it, you'll be moving out of them! congrats on the move!

    shannon - sounds like things are moving along for you too! (literally and figuratively!) does your DH like his job? do they \"live\" on the actual platform? or do they go back and forth from a port or something? I've seen pictures of them on the TV before...they are pretty big! he must like the ocean?

    sincap33 - you never know - those swimmers may have crossed the channel! wouldn't that be grand?! glad the new RE appt is Thursday - maybe you and I will both have great new plans to move forward on! do you think you'll be able to start this next cycle on the chance that AF arrives? if you really do want AF to come - I always decide to try moving furniture around...DH calls me crazy but I swear it works...

    Lucy - any more signs?

    no report in the mail for me - a little disgruntled by that - can't understand why it would take to long really - I am assuming RE has a copy on the computer he can access...argh - just looking forward to hearing what the plan is so I can then look forward to AF arriving and getting started up again! phew -

    take care ladies!


  24. hello all- just a quick note -

    changing my protocol to an antagonist protocol - will use BCPs once AF arrives - no lupron...adding repronex (4 amps) with the follistim and increasing the amount of follistim to 300..then adding cetrotide as well....we'll see how it goes - also going to get to have ICSI done and offset the poor sperm binding and thick zona...SO just waiting for AF again! can't come soon enough! (ok, that and ins auth...) LOL!

    have good night!

    Lost is on - woohoo!


  25. angelave~I'm so glad to hear they gave you another protocal. Your meds will be similar to mine except for the cetrotide. I've never heard of that. Will you start your BCP's when AF arrives? My DH loves his job, but hates being so far from home. When he arrives on the platform he stays for 2 weeks then comes home for 2 weeks. That kind of schedule is very common in the oil industry. The platform is 2 acres in size.

    Adrienne~Best of luck tomorrow. Try and relax and think \"fertile thoughts\".

    Heather~So now you can breathe a big sigh of relief. Your done moving!!! Now hopefully you can settle in and rest before the babies arrive. How did your appointment go today?

    sincap33~So how did today go? Did they have a better protocal to offer you?

    Lucy~Any news yet? Cn you shed some light on what an FET cycle is like. What kind of protocal will they put you on?

    No news here. I have my Nuchal fold test next Wednesday 4/4 so anxiously anticipating that.


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