Call Schering-Plough at 1-800-656-9485 to demand patient assistance programs

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  1. I called Schering-Plough, the manufacturers of Follistim and Ganirelix, to find out if they have any patient assistance programs for fertility drugs. They do not have ANY assistance programs available for these drugs. I was told that they only only have programs for life-threatening illnesses, which is not true, because they have other drugs listed that don't fall into this category.

    The rep told me that no one ever calls to ask for patient assistance for these drugs, which leads me to believe that we're not being vocal enough. Please call 1-800-656-9485 and tell Shelly and/or Therese that Schering-Plough needs to do more to help infertile women during these difficult times.

  2. Hi shweta.pandya,

    I just saw your post and youre so right,these days are though but it doesnt mean you cant have kids,people do need to help in those hard economic times.

    Myself had a miscarriage 4 months ago after we put all our money is this IVf...

    Hoping they can help...

    Good luck to you too,


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