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  1. Did you like them? My son is nearly 4 months old, how long did you use yours?

  2. Neither of my twins liked them. So they were a huge waste of money. But none of my 3 kids liked the swing either. So it just depends on your childs personality.

  3. Not worth it for us - DD didn't like it, and the window for her to use it was super short anyway...

  4. Our 1#DD loved it and we used it and took it everywhere with us and our #2DD did not care for it as much so it did not get used very much. If your baby likes it it is worth getting.

  5. couldn't have lived without it. we used it until about 6 months. my friends baby is 8 months and still eats in his.

  6. I bought 2 for my girls and I have to say, I used them only a few times. I could have gone without them and used a bobby pillow to prop them up and use their highchairs for having them sit up.

  7. Used it with DS for about a month. He liked it, but we didn't get long use out of it. We got it for $10 from a garage sale. I wouldn't have spent $40 on it.

  8. We never used one.

    Tried one out at a friend's house and it was hard fitting little dude's fat little thighs into the \"slots\".

    Besides, I'm always a little skeptical of devices which encourage them to do skills they're not actually ready for--sitting up before their time, walkers, etc.

    Supposedly one of the milestones solids is the ability to sit on their own. You'll need a highchair anyway.

  9. I agree with all the pp's. We used the bumbo when DS was 4mo but really, his legs were so chubby they didn't really fit and he hated it so we only used it abou 3 times. My friend's DS is 7mo and they use it all the time and take it when them when they travel, use it for all his meals, etc. I would try it out before I bought one. Didn't really seem worth it to me.

  10. my guys liked the bumbo- we used it starting around 2 mos, but they were good with the head control. our bigger problem was that both of them quickly learned to arch their backs and leap out of the thing- around 3 months, maybe 4. so it wasn't terribly useful unless you were sitting there right on top of them making sure they didn't jump out. we have a funny picture of my then 8 month old lying on the kitchen table eating coffee cake and the abandoned bumbo behind him.

    i actually liked it for solids for my youngest- started him at 6 months and he always slid around in the high chair- the bumbo was good for keeping him in one spot

    the high chair is the thing i'd skip- soon after he stopped sliding around in there, he started to stand up in it and refuse to sit...

  11. My DD hated it. I started using it around 3 months and she would scream and wriggle until she flailed herself out of it. She is a strong willed child and never liked being \"confined\" to anything though! I only paid $5 for it on a garage sale, so no big deal.

  12. My DD also hated it. She wrenched herself out of it (at around 5mos). I think I used it maybe 2x. My older DD thought it was cool though...LOL.

    Luckily we had just borrowed it from a friend, so I promptly gave it back. I have known babies who loved them though.

  13. Thank you all! To each their own huh . . . I was looking at one on craigslist, but my little guy is big and already 4 months so I might pass. But again, thanks! If the gal lowers her price maybe . . .


  14. I bought one for my girls and we used it for maybe 2 weeks, one of them had very chubby legs and she was too big to fit in it comfortably. And if you do buy one do not bother with the tray it kept falling off everytime they moved.

  15. I bought two early on, used. Tried them once when my twins were around 4 months old. No use for them. FF to 1.5yrs old, after I had sold one of the two: DS decided to sit in the one remaining bumbo when we read to them, and I ended up buying another (used) so they could both sit in them. My twins are now 28 m and still sit in them for fun sometimes.

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