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  1. We bought our twin nursery furniture today at Babies R Us. We didn't know this going in but they offer a multiples discount - if you are having twins or more, you get 10% off everything you buy in multiples. We saved a ton of money!

    We also ordered a Dutalier glider and ottoman and they weren't having their usual 20% off sale, so our salesgirl went and found us coupons for 15% off single items. That saved us even more money.

    Can't wait to get our nursery set up ... hope this information is helpful to others.

  2. This may be only in the States. I asked about it here in Canada and was shot down.

  3. The discount is only good for the high end products - not the everyday stuff. So it works for furniture and car seats but, not the cheaper things. If you buy a double stroller, you should get the discount too. Most employees are not clear on the discount and most dont offer it to you so make sure to ask.

    Also, the items have to be identical and have to be on the same receipt (so if you split the purchase of 2 car seats so you can use 2 15% off coupons, you wont get the multiple discount).

  4. I was just in BRU and it works on anything over $40. Now I am waiting to find out if it works online or just in the store.

  5. Thanks for the thread on this. This will help me out as I will be buying cribs etc in the next month or so.

    Here is what I got from their website:

    \"Does Babies\"R\"Us offer a multiple birth discount? We are pleased to inform you of our multiple birth discount. Babies\"R\"Us defines a multiple birth as parents with two or more babies the same age. We offer our customers 10% off two or more of the same items purchased in the same order (e.g. two cribs, two bedding sets, two strollers, etc.). The discount applies to the following categories only: furniture, bedding sets and baby gear, including car seats, strollers, travel yards, highchairs, swings, gates, exersaucers/walkers and backpack/carriers. Double strollers and matching infant car seats are also eligible for the multiple birth discount. This offer is not available on any special purchase items. Corporate sales do not qualify for the multiple birth discount. \"

    I checked with customer service and they confirmed the offer is available in the stores only, so no good for on line orders.

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