Britax I crazy for considering this?

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  1. Well, DH and I have decided that we are going to order two frontiers for DS and DD. While DD is just turning 4 this week (OMG!!!!!), and will fit in her Marathon for another year probably, we figure we might as well get as much use out of this frontier as possible, so why not. The expiration on this one is something like 9 years! Plus, she is already pitching a fit every time she gets in the car that she doesn't have a new car seat.

    Anyway, thanks everyone for your input. I know the Radian has the super latch, and more than likely is as safe as they state, but without seeing proper research on this new latch, I just cannot purchase it for my kids. All I know is that a seat belt has been tested to HOLD adult weight. The research is there. The super latch is just too new. As I said, I hope it is as super as it's name and car manufacturers and car seat manufacturers take their lead!!


  2. For anyone concerned about whether the new Super LATCH is safe, you can always switch to a seatbelt installation when your child hits 40 or 48 lbs. Radians can be installed with seatbelts just as safely as with LATCH. One other thing to consider for people with tall kids... the Radian is the only seat you can use when your child's shoulders are above the top strap (because the seat is steel reinforced). Many kids grow out of their seats when their shoulders go above the top strap which happens way before they hit the height and weight limits for the seat. Not an issue for us since I have short kids, but I have lots of friends whose kids have outgrown the Marathon due to shoulder height and they were bummed because they had years left before they hit the overall height and weight limit on seat.

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