Bright spot on heart + small size concerns

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  1. I am hoping that someone has gone through a similar experience and can put my mind at ease?

    I am 19 weeks pg with twins and had my level 2 scan yesterday. Baby A looks good, but Baby B is only in the 10th percentile for size at 19 weeks, and they also saw a bright spot on the heart during the ultrasound.

    Both the peri and the ob recommend an amnio to rule out Downs or other chromosomal abnormalities.

    My Nuchal Test results at 12 weeks were normal for both babies, and there does not seem to be any issues with the placenta. Each baby has it's own sac and placenta.

    Additionally, we have had several u/s up until now, and they did not detect any major growth issues up until now.

    Has anyone gone through something similar with good or bad outcome??

  2. I don't have a lot of info and can't speak to the growth issue, but a friends of mine's baby had a bright spot on heart during u/s. She did no further testing, the baby showed no other signs of Down's, and the baby turned out to be totally fine. Lots of luck to you.


  3. I had my 20wk check up today, and like you they found a bright white spot on one of the babies hearts. The doctor said which can be a small indicator of downs syndrome. We did not do amnio. My feelings were I could never terminate and even though amnio. has a very low percentage of miscarraige, I was not willing to take the slightest risk. after going through all that we did just to get preg. especially.
    they did not comment on the size of the babies, so I think they are both where they should be in regards to this. We did not do the nucheal test.

    I\'d really appreciate having someone to talk to as we learn more so I hope we can support each other and keep writing to one another.

    Reading Marie's post was a relief so I'm praying that both will be ok.

  4. stam_par75,

    We did go ahead with the amnio and it was normal. Also, the bright spot was not seen again on subsequent u/s. Baby B continues to be smaller than Baby A, but growth has been consistent, so it just seems as though we will have two different size babies.

    I hope that you have good news too! My doctor did say that u/s technology has improved so much over the years, that they are now picking up things like bright spots that are completely normal.


  5. So glad for you that your amnio was negative for downs and that the bright spot has gone away. I'm hoping for the same results once I reach 24weeks. It's been on my mind every day since. I've read the same too about these u/s being so strong they pick up every detail that can or cannot be something to worry about. Since this was the only marker that they found and my protein test came back normal, I am hoping for everything to be ok. My doctor said that they look for 8 markers and since they only found this one soft marker I should not worry and just enjoy my pregnancy.


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