Breastfeeding with no ovaries

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  1. I am a 30 year old 25 weeks pregnant from donor embryos. I had both ovaries surgically removed due to endometriosis and endometriomas. Is there anyone out there who does not have their ovaries or who has no ovarian function been able to sucessfully breastfeed? I can't find much information out on the internet about it, but from what I have found, it looks like I may have problems with milk supply.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. In the beginning your body produces milk from signals sent by delivery/oxytocin(produced in the brain)/prolactin (also made in the brain). Later on, its based on demand, and prolcatin.... I am not sure as to what role the ovaries play in milk production. Maybe ask an LC/lactation consultant or your OB?

  3. I would think it is possible. I would e-mail Dr. Jack Newman. He is one of the preeminent experts on bf. His e-mail is: He has always responded to me within a day.

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