Breastfeeding in public, more rare or common?

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  1. There are nursing women all over my town. Most use cover ups, some don't. I've never heard a negative comment from any passersby.

    I had no problem NIP, although I did use a cover up -- mostly because I didn't want anyone to see my stomach. I would usually wear a nursing tank under a t-shirt and lift the t-shirt up and the nursing tank down. It's nearly impossible to hide "the girls," which are still bigger than dd's head (which has always been in the 95+ %ile).

    DD is 22m and I'm still nursing, although rarely in public anymore since she's down to wakeup, naptime and bedtime.

  2. we were at the parade today and i sat a little back from the crowd nursing Nate (there were some handy steps to sit on and it was shady). an older woman walked by, saw what we were doing, and said that we should be out there in the parade nursing for all to see. now that's nice support!


  3. I just went ahead and breast fed last night at the fireworks only a couple of stares. What's the big deal. IT's such a natural process right. My son is 9months and just needed to go to sleep and all it takes is some warm breast milk. anyway it didn't seem to bother him or me. He was so tired by that time that he concentrated and sucked like he usually does at home. When I take him shopping and we have to nurse I try to find a quiet place or go to the van. He usually doesnt do as well then.

  4. pilma, I had to nurse @ our fireworks event also. Although I was on a blanket in the middle of a bunch of families (although covered) and had to do it multiple times. No one seemed to care that I was basically parked there doing my business most of the event!

  5. This weekend DH and I were at the mall, we live in South Florida and DS needed some boobage, anyway I too noticed that women look more. I think the reason is that they actually realize what is going on. I had an older guy sit across from me right after DS started feeding away and DH said that he thought it was weird that he did that. Then I explained that the guy was clueless and had no idea what I was doing until my little guy emerged all red faced and drunk looking . It's funny Dh will point out other nursing Mom's to me when we are out. I think he's kinda proud of us

    I used to go hide away in dressing rooms but, now I really don't care. It's also easier now that DS is 5 months and has head control to be a bit more discreet. I really only use a cover up when it's for the comfort of those around me. I was at a Mommy and me class and just popped it out, I actually found it weird in that setting for other Mom's to be struggling with cover ups, I guess it's all what your comfy with.

    I saw a sign that said "I make MILK what's your superpower? I love that!


  6. I personally loath the cover-ups. I really do not like them and think it makes the process incredibly difficult!

  7. Ladies,
    Love this thread and I have a question. I have 7 week old twin girls and I nurse on-demand. Both are growing fine and thriving. One is actually a better eater which you can tell when you lift her. My question is sometimes I feel as though I am nursing her all the time. She goes long stretches at night. There are just times I think she can't possibly be hungry but offer the boob and she takes it. Have you all had similiar experiecnes? Sorry if I am misspelling as I nursing right now. Sometimes my boobs just ache from all the nursing but I am doing this for at least a year and in a few months I plan on working on more of a schedule. I nursed my ds 15 mos. and I think I remember him going longer in between as he got older.

    Please share what you think and what has worked for you all.

    Thanks, Krista

  8. When we were traveling back a couple months ago, I nursed him on the plane and tried to use a cover up. I gave up on the cover up and said to my husband I'm just gonna do it. He was sitting on the aisle and i in the window seat so it wasn't that big of a deal for either or us and the baby fell asleep anyway. I just used my shirt tail to cover the top half of my breast.
    Now that he is 9months I am not feeding as often on the breast but if it happens in publc so be it.

  9. Krista - What you are describing sounds very normal. Especially if they are going longer at night, that is great. We fed frequently during the day and my kids ate less at night.

    I think they started spacing the feedings a little more around 4 months.


  10. I would love to know what the stats are on nursing in public. I live in the DC metro area and I would say the majority of my friends do nurse in public (most use cover ups). I nursed my ds for 10 months and I nursed in public some, but he was such a squirmer, it was really hard, so I ended up pumping a bottle to go out. I just had my second child and I really want to get a better handle on nursing in public. I did buy a cover, mostly because dd does lose her latch sometimes and I admit that I am uber-modest.

    Krista, I agree. Sounds totally normal to me. My ds was quite the cluster feeder (like every 2 hours during the day as a newborn and he did sleep a bit longer at night). It definitely correlated with growth spurts too. Hang in there.


  11. Ladies,
    Something weird is going on. My nipples are sensitive like when I first started nursing. I have been at it for 10 1/2 weeks so I don't know what it could be. I also think I am having an increase in supply. And, right now, my breasts are tingling all over but I know my milk is not letting down. Any ideas of what it could be? They are just super sensitive.

  12. I always get that around my period. It could also be from overuse. Has your DC had a growth spurt lately?

  13. I do use them quite a bit. My dd has gained over 5 lbs. in 10 weeks and my other dd has gained 3 1/2 lbs. I called my doctor-just worried about mastitis.

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