Breastfeeding and birth control (hormonal)

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  1. Hi ladies,

    DS is almost 4 months old and ebf. DH is planning on getting a vasectomy but has been very laaaazyyy about setting up the appt, and then we know it could be 6-8 weeks after (but we have heard of guys still having swimmers up to 8 months!). Is there a form of BCP for me that will not effect supply? As a side, I am not up for anything internal, pretty much only hormonal pills if that.

    If it does than I won't even try it, we will just use other methods, but just wanted to check.


  2. Progesterone only pills, but the down side is that they MUST be taken at the same exact time every day.... Or, you can try the non-medicated IUD (placed by a dr. and stays there). I think these are the only methods (that you don't have to put in/take out) that won't affect supply.... Or your DH can use condoms!

  3. There are some BCP's that are usually okay, but my LC said that occasionally some women will have issues with supply after taking them. So if you try, just watch your supply just in case.

  4. I have done progesterone only pills and my supply was fine. After my 4th I have been the diaphragm which horrified me at first, but my doctor didnt want me on anything hormonal due to a possible blood clotting issue. I have been using it for 3+ years now and it has worked I dont love it, but its easy as long as you plan ahead.

  5. I have taken the progesterone only pill as well (my OB called it the mini-pill). It never affected my supply and I never had any other side effects.


  6. I am on the mini pill too. My supply has been the same. My OB said that the earlier you begin taking the pill, the higher the chance of a supply drop. However if you wait until you have an established supply, the chance of a drop is much less.

  7. Thanks ladies. This is helpful. Telly, I am SUCH a woos when it comes to putting anything "down there". DH does use condoms but man I hate the things (what a cruel joke it is to have to use protection but as we all "could" happen").....

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