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  1. How soon after weaning can one have a breast sonogram? And if its too soon will the milk interfere with the test? I want to go in for a sono and have weaned about a month ago (and even then at that point I was nursing only once a day, though it was with both boobs/twins).



  2. I'm not too knowledgeable about this- just an ultrasound of your breast? When I was only a few months into pumping I felt a few lumps (which I now think were just clogs, but at the time they didn't hurt, which made the OB's office wary. And I had no idea what was "normal" or not as far as clogs, etc. go). Because they said they can't do mammograms on women who are lactating, they sent me for a breast u/s. So it was WHILE I was breastfeeding/pumping. Results showed everything was normal. So I imagine that you should be fine for an ultrasound now,if we're talking about the same type of ultrasound.


  3. Marie-Hi, thanks, glad that all was well for you (pesky clogs)! Yes, its just a plain sonogram of the raisins (um, well, what used to be of my "boobs").

  4. Yeah, I'd think you could go for that at anytime, too, Lotus.

    I have to go in for a first-ever mammogram. So I wonder how long after we're done with this weaning process, I can go in for one of those?

    (I'm so scared after hearing all of the inconclusive stories on the boards here!) I do my monthly exams (not much to examine lately!) but I have a friend who was diagnosed with some grannular (??) breastcancer--no lumps and found on her first-ever mammo. It was caught just in time and she elected a double-mastectomy.

    My plan is to go in at the end of the summer.

  5. Hey Melissa! How are you doing these days?

    When I called to make the appointment the secretary at first thought I wanted a mammogram, and it seems that if there is any milk in the breasts than it might be an issue (she said I need to call my ob/gyn to discuss). Are you still nursing? Once I corrected her that I wanted a breast SONO she didn't make a big deal about it (so, I hope its ok, its been a month since I weaned) and booked me an appointment. I will cross post this question on the POT board (more people hang out there). Yes, its so scarey, especially for us, since we were exposed to so many IVF meds (for me it was IUIs + 6 IVFs)..... I am glad that you friend's cancer was caught early, how freaking scarey!

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