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  1. hi everyone, i'm brand new to this forum (like so many others before me) and i'm on my first cycle of IVF right now. it's such a confusing process, and i feel like there are so many questions that i want to ask, that i just don't have time to at my appts or don't think of. it would be great to have people to talk to that have gone through this process or who are going through it now. No one knows that i'm doing this because none of my friends even know about my challenging past with pregnancy.

    i look forward to talking through my thoughts with everyone here!

  2. welcome I did 2 ivf's and got preggo with twins on the second. I carried for 16 weeks and POP went my water.

    so now I am doing a FET!!! my trasfer of 2 (5day frozen blasts ) is april 6th.

    what protocol are you on??????????? feel free to ask any questions I feel like a pro

  3. i feel like everyone here knows more terminology than i do - so please feel free to correct me. right now i'm on the injections for 3 different medications - i'm guessing they are stimulants based on what i know. then i believe that after tomorrow i'm supposed to change up what i'm taking and we're aiming for the retrieval for next week. It's just so challenging to think about all that i'm going through while trying to keep it a secret from everyone since no one really knows that i'm doing this. (aside from my fiance and one other person).

    i just wish that i knew more about some of the little details in the process, and about what to expect in terms of pain and that sort from the retrieval, and then the implantation, and what's a typical timeline for all this. I ask my doctor, but i feel like i'm always so nervous when i'm there that i haven't quite remembered his answers.

  4. so u are taking stim now which makes the follies grow. you will go in for U/S and bloodwork to check your estroge level. When the lead follicle reaches around 19-21mm they will give you the trigger. which will cause you to ovulate in 36 hours. retrievel will be scheduled for 35 hours later.

    Egg retrivel you go under and they remove eggs. you won't know the number until you wake. up. the number of follies you have and the egg number will prob be differbnt so don't worry. becasue not all follies have a egg. there is no egg in a follie till 17-18mm.

    egg retievel pain is very minor light cramping. I went back to work the next day. I felt fine. transfer is like getting a pap. you go in with a full baldder and they pop them in no Pain. the worst part is holding your pee for 30 mintes. IVF is not that bad. I would do it 100 times.

    keep me updated and I can give you info as you go through. Gl

    when is the next dr appt to check follicles??? are you taking Lupron?????

  5. thanks bolajing. i'm taking lupron, bravelle and manoupor or something like that (i don't have the box in front of me). it's insane the number of injections that i have to give myself but i guess it'll all be worth it.

    i'm just stressing since i'm going out of town next weekend for a wedding and that's RIGHT in the middle of all this, so i'm just worried that i'll have to change my plans.

    hopefully i'll find out tomorrow at my next appt (bloodwork and i'm guessing ultrasound) that i'll be able to take then next round of meds, and then we'll keep going with things.

  6. You might have to stay home. you need constant monitering of your estrogen and follicle count to determine when retrivel will be and they do blood work every other day and then daily the closer you get to retrievel to make sure you are not hyperstimming. your daily injection dose will be determined from the blood results.

    I took Menupor, follitism and Ganirleix. I don't do Lupron.

    I did Bravelle with my IUI and only got 2 eggies.

    Menupor stings alittle just as a heads up.

    yes your enxt appt they will make sure your linning is good to go and your ovraies have no cysts. If all clear and e2 (estrogen) level down then you will start you injections.

    haha I am a teacher and I missed the first week of school because retrivel and transfer fell in there.

  7. well - i've been taking lupron now for 5 days, and bravelle and menopur for 3 days...and i just went to the dr this morning, and they said that i have to increase the amount of bravelle. it's just hard since i'm assuming that it means that i'm not taking to the meds as quickly as i'd like.

    i just really hope that all goes well this week, and that i don't have to change my plans - i can't really tell my family that i'm not going to the wedding because of this since no one really knows about it. i guess i'll just do what i can...

    i've already had an HSN and they confirmed that i have no cysts, so that's a good thing. i've started to get used to the injections. i was so nervous at first, but now it's like second nature.

  8. thATS GOOD THEY CHANGED MY MEDS UP AND DOWN. . they uped your stims because your follies need a boost.

    You will start to look forward to them. I did IVF 2 times and now on a fet. I used to b e afraid of needles. now I get excited to stick them in. Ity makes you fee;l like your being productive or

    I hope you don't have to change your plans either.

    when is the wedding what does the dr say?

  9. i went back in to the dr this morning (mind you there are 8 inches of snow on the ground so it was no easy feat to walk there). anyway, they said that i should maintain my current meds - that my right side is 'so so' but that my left side is GREAt. my right is like 5 and my left is over 12.

    i was afraid with this news that i'd run into scheduling issues since my cousin's wedding is this weekend, but they said that they don't foresee the retrieval until EARLY next week so that's good news for me.

    my wedding is planned for april 25th - so all things considered - i should hopefully be very early preggo and my dress will still fit.

    i don't mind the needles so much anymore, it's just the uncertainty since i don't really know what to expect now. i'm afraid of the timing and i get in my head about how things are going to hurt and all that. oh well... the price we pay for a family

  10. wow getting married next month and doing IVf how do you find the time. My right side was always the superstar ovary over the left.

    IVF bloat count that in !!!! I gained 5-10lbs from the meds. lol

  11.'re not making me feel good about all this! it's just interesting that one ovary is SO MUCH more responsive than the other. my left is the champ right now.

    the good thing about my wedding is that it's a destination thing - so the resort contacts and coordinates all the vendors for me that's where i find the time. all i have to do it get my dress fitted, and put myself on a plane.

  12. yeah sorry But Ivf comes with the IVf bloat it comes on slow you will hardly notice. I just rolled it inot preg weight.heheheeheh. that's why when I was 4 months preggo I only gained 4lbs with twins. but when I lost tghe preg I seemed to loose 14 ..hmmmm oh well the ivf bloat. It will be well worth it in the end

    Me and dh had this big elaborate Italina wedding with 200 people outside in a garden in august of 2007 we spent over $60,000. when we were on our homeymoon in hawaii we saw a couple just the 2 of them on the beach getting married. we both looked at each other and said now y didn't we do that/ I really really wish i did a small destination wedding withy a few close family members and friends. Oh well my next

    No but we are going to review out wedding vows on the beach in Kauai with just us and our kids if we ever have them. Where is the wedding at??? you are making me sooo jelaous

  13. don't be jealous - it's going to be on this little island called Canouan which is in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. it takes a lot of time to get tehre, but it's really beautiful.

    my fear now is that i'll get preggo with this cycle, and then my wedding is a month after the transfer i think, and i have this fear of something bad happening, but i just have to think positive. that's about all i can do i think.

  14. you can't worry about things.. someone told me if something is going to go wrong with a preg there is 100% nothing you can do to stop it. If this cycle works then your stomach will still be small and wow won't it be cool to announce it at the wedding or something like that. I once saw a show and a girl announced she was preggo by giving her close family a u/s photo I thought it was cool she was 3 months by then.

    wow the geraldines I always wanted to go there. I don't like far flights hawaii was 13 hours for us but since we had layovers it took us 18 hours with 2 layovers. i thought dh was going to ****** me.... he hates long flights.

  15. i totally know what you mean about things being right or i'm not going to stress about it. i'm just getting a little frustrated right now since i guess my body is still responding really slowly to meds...i thought i was initially going to have my retrieval this week, and then it was going to be monday, and i went in today for another ultrasound and blood work and it looks like it's going to be wednesday.

    i guess i'm just confused now about what my estrogen levels need to be to take the hcg shot....

  16. well everyone is different. your estrogen level should be 150 to 200 per mature follicle. on ivf #2 I had 15 folliclesd but only 8 eggies so my estroigen level was a little over 2200. so according to your estrogen level is how many follicles are going to have eggs at transfer. there is no egg in the follicle until it reachers 17mm-18mm. so anything under that is not ready yet.

    afm-- 30 days til I put my 3 week old snowbabies back. please survive the thaw...XXXXX

  17. i don't know how you can stand the wait...i'm losing it and i'm not even at that point yet.

    anyway, i'm going in tomorrow morning and hopefully they'll tell me that it's time for the hcg or whatever so that means that i'll have my retrieval in a couple days. ugh! such stress. i just spent the weekend in boston at my cousin's wedding and i had my nephew all day (my oldest brother's 10 month old) and it REALLY reminded me why i want babies. they make you sooo happy (at least make me happy)

  18. Oh I have been waitng since dec 10 th to put these back. It took my body 7 weeks to release the preg hormone after the d&c.

    Then I had to wait 2 1/2 weeks for hysteroscopy whcih delayed me 3 weeks more becasue they found scar tissue. so the frozen cycle is suppose to be 8 weeks but mine is 11. I have 4 weeks from today!!!!!!! I mean I am trying not to get too excited becasue who knows if they will survive the thaw or even progress to implant. IVF sucks!!!. If this doesn't work I go right inot a fresh cycle. my frwsh cycles are only 4 weeks because I don't use Lupron. I don't take suppression it makes your eggies better.

  19. well i'm scheduled for my retrieval tomorrow morning so we'll see how things go. then i guess i should figure out what the timeline is. i don't know how long i have to wait for implantation - and then i'm not sure what the other things are - like isci i think and the other one - azh azt (shows that i'm not asking the right questions)

  20. so how did it go what's the lucky number????

  21. it went well - my tranfer is in the morning (saturday) and they said that they were able to get 6 embryos and that the ywant to transfer 3 but i'm not sure abou that. i'll still have to have a conversation.

    right now though i'm just haneously bloated and my stomach looks preggo already - which isn't going to bode well for me.

  22. if you do a 3 day transfer then they like to transfer more. I transfer 3 on day 3 and got twins. but if you do a 5 day they transfer 1 or 2. but since u only had 6 eggies then that is why you are doing a 3 day. what was the quality? did you get a pic?

  23. ahh - well it was a day 3 transfer i guess..and the dr said they were very good quality. i have an image of them from when they were transfered- so now i guess it's just the 2 week waiting game

  24. how many did u go with?

  25. after talking with my dr that morning, we decided to go with 3 embryos.

    i don't know how i'm going to manage getting through the next 2 weeks though - i have to wait until the 27th to get bloodwork, and every day i think 'are these preggo symptoms', or 'should i be feeling something different if i'm preggo\'...

    it\'s anxiety ridden. how did you cope?

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