Books for Breastfeeding?????????

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  1. Anyone have any very helpful book recommendations for breastfeeding? A lady in my multiple's club has finally worked out a system for getting her twin boys to latch (they're 3 months...1 month adjusted), but they're snackers and easily fall asleep or get frustrated. She's not sure if she wants to continue to BF, so she really needs to tips or information on where to go with the BF-ing now that she's kind of started a routine. Any good reads on how to maintain and improve/establish the best kind of BF-ing routines? Thanks!

  2. Has she tried contacting LLL? They'll have tons of info!

  3. Mothering Multiples is a good resource for bf twins. And does she have the EZ 2 Nurse pillow? That makes it much easier with twins. Also, having a really good lactation consultant can be a great source of support and info. I had someone come to my house one time and she really helped turn things around. Good luck to your friend!


  4. I think she has been to the lact. consultants. Not sure if she's called La Leche.
    She really thinks she needs a book of some sorts. (This is her 2nd set of twins...both sets are 6 years apart, but she never got as far with her first set and wants to get some ideas to try out in book form as she's ultra busy).
    Thanks for the suggestions. Keep 'em coming, please

  5. Is she BF-ing both at the same time? I tried that with my twins (5 weeks premature), but found it was easier to nurse them separately. It was easier when they were smaller. They didn't start BF-ing until about 8 weeks and then they finally got it. I don't know, but maybe that might help.

  6. "The Nursing Mothers Companion" really helped me. I also had a "lactation consultant" to come to the house- really helped!- Melanie

  7. does she know about the kellymoms website? not a book, but free and a ton of information there. the book MM mentioned is a good one, too.

  8. I have Dr. Newman's book but honestly btw his website and kelleymom - that is where I got the best advice (not for multiples but for a singleton).


  9. Another vote for even better than a book if time is an issue


  10. Another vote for even better than a book if time is an issueKris
    i was going to suggest kellymom as well. it has been a great resource for me. i still refer to it even though DS is 4 months old.

  11. Ditto ... "The Nursing Mothers Companion". It helped me a lot and I have twins.

  12. Ditto all the suggestions. Dr. Newman is the best and he has videos that are very helpful. You can get some of them off iTunes in the form of free podcasts. My twins are snackers too and he offers some great tecniques to encourage baby to eat more and not just camp out at the breast. Tell her to check him out, specifically compressions during a's brilliant. Kellymom is also a wonderful resource.

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