blood test in 5 days, HPT says Positive!!

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  1. So i started the day in tears.... i was so convinced that IVF didnt work.
    My husband asked me to do a test today, i said it was too early, but we had alot in the house so i decided to do it.
    It was a digital test and it said pregnant!!!

    I am now worried that it could be a chemical pregnancy.... always something to worry about i guess.

  2. Oh, that is such wonderful news! CONGRATULATIONS !!

    I hope everything progresses beautifully.

  3. Congrats!!!

  4. I cant even just so happy.
    I mustve poas a few hundred times.... this is the first positive test i have ever seen.

  5. How are you feeling Joan? Good luck with the official blood test!

  6. hey riccardo morri thanks for asking...I am feeling wonderful

    I have tested every day... and every day the line gets a little stronger.

    I have finally been sleeping at night... for the past few months i have been very depressed and not sleeping.

    I was totally convinced this cycle hadnt worked... and spent most of my free time wallowing in self pity.

    This good news is well needed. Ill be sure to keep you updated after fridays blood test.

  7. riccardo morri when is your beta test?

  8. First of all Congrats!!!!! (but I know what u mean about the worrying)
    This is my first post and we are the same age and have similar IVF outcomes.
    I'm wonderig did you do a 3DT or 5DT?
    Also, how many did you tansfer? How many cells did they have?

    I transfered today..
    ER 13eggs, 8 Mature, 2 Fertilzed
    ETD3 trasferred 2 with 6 cells (doc was concerned not 8)

    It was my secof IVF. The first y one embryo seemed to slow down by day 5 too. It ended in Chemical
    Any info will help I'm kinda lost!!!
    P.S. I have endo too

  9. Hi Joan, What great news!! I know what you mean about not being able to sleep. It's good to hear that you are getting some now. You need it for the little bean(s) to get snuggled in good :-) You must be so excited.

    My beta is the seems years day at a time....

    manasu: I have heard many stories of 6 celled embryos crawling/walking around a few years later I hope it goes well for you. When is your beta?

  10. Mine was a day 3 transfer.

    2 implante (1 grade A 1 grade 2)
    none made it to day 5.

    Im not sure how many cells that was... i think one had 8 and one 6? i have to check that picture they gave me.

    This time it will work for you manasu.

    My Beta is tomorrow.... so hopefully it will simply confirm the 10 pregnancy tests i have taken.
    Every morning i pee on one.

    There is nothing more beautiful than those two pink lines.

    I send both of you my love and good thoughts. I hope we all have beautiful babies 9 months from now.

    -- Joan

  11. Congrats again girl on the fabulous BFP !!!

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