Blighted ovum or late implanter? (m/c & triplet loss ment.)

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  1. Hi ladies...
    I am currently pregnant for the 6th time (no living children); however we were basically given no hope that this pregnancy was viable at our 6w1d scan. I did DE IVF in CZ and they transferred 3 8+cell embies on day 3. Here are my hCG results:
    12dp3dt - 97
    14dp3dt - 158
    16dp3dt - 372
    25dp3dt - 5125
    All results were in the range of acceptable, but clearly on the low end. At my 6w1d u/s, they found a gestational sac and a yolk sac. DH thought he heard the ultrasonographer say the sac was measuring around 5w, but I didn't hear that. My perinatologist basically said it didn't look good and told me to come back in a week if I had not started bleeding. My CZ doc told me to go ahead and stop my meds (though I don't know if he realized there was a yolk sac or not).

    However, now people have been telling me that it could be a late implanter and that often there isn't a fetal pole at 6w. I am having a hard time believing that and am not feeling much hope. I did have a tiny bit of spotting at 12dp3dt, but nothing since. Isn't that too late for implantation? I do have cramps, too.

    Unfortunately, I stopped my meds and now am feeling guilty about that. I've been thru 2 m/c, 1 ectopic, 4 IVF cycles, 2 DE cycles (+ a 3rd cancelled DE cycle) and lost triplets at 21+ weeks, so I have a hard time really engaging lots of hope and faith into the process. I have not given up, but I am just more cautious about it. I'd appreciate any thoughts.

  2. lalegul,
    well, i have also heard that 6w is in that middle range... i know my r.e. tries to wait till 7w for that 1st scan just so there is none of this ambiguity. so, i guess that there would be room for thinking that maybe it was too early at 6w, but then again, your peri made that judgement call, so... i am sorry there is all of this confusion and grey area. it isn't fair.

    as far as the spotting, well, i wouldn't even consider that all too much, as reasons for spotting are so vast and they are sometimes good and sometimes bad, you just can't tell.

    and as far as meds go, this could be wrong, i am not an expert and i don;t have any experience with it, but since it was a de cycle, your need for supplementation could be less than if it was your body that had gone thru retrieval? i would think there is a possibility that your body, with no meds, could still maintain early pregnancy if that was the scenario. could that be true? as far as cramps, well, i have known them to go both ways too, so, unreliable.

    i am really sorry you are going thru this. can you just ask for another scan asap? i mean, maybe by now (or monday) there would be more conclusive evidence either way... when will you go for another scan? i would be going crazy, maybe even consider dropping in to the e/r and asking for a scan because its the weekend.

    i can understand what you mean about maintaining hope when you have a pile of bad/sad/traumatic outcomes behind you. i find that for myself too, but it is interesting because i feel real hope for you, that you would be spared any more of those outcomes, whether it be in this pg or in the future.

    no answers, but just my thoughts. like i wrote, i really hope things will turn in your favor.

  3. Morrison,

    I just wanted to say that I am so sorry this is happening to you.

    I stopped my meds on advice of my doctor after a slow rising beta. I, too, was concerned that I had given up too early because of all my unsuccessful experiences, especially after a poster sent me a private message implying this.

    However, you consulted both your peri and your Czech doctor. Both doctors gave you the same recommendation based on fetal growth.

    This whole process is just so cruel. So many variables. So many ways to torture ourselves. Getting another scan will confirm what's going on.

    Take care,

  4. Thank you ladies. I am pretty well convinced that the writing is on the wall, but those slivers of hope keep you strung along. There is no reason for me to believe that this will be one of those "rare miracles" where things are actually OK. My numbers were too low for the time frame, the sac was too small. I am oddly OK, though sad and dismayed. Caught somewhere between being happy something actually "stuck" and being devastated that DH and I have gone through so much just to be parents whilst everyone around us has become parents many times over without trouble at all. I want to scream about how unfair it is. But really...few people understand.

    I have been crampy and had a headache most of the weekend. Even woke to a migraine yesterday. I am sure the hormones are doing a number on my system and I usually have cycle related migraines anyway. I am hoping things progress on their own and I don't need a D&C, but I am not sure how long I can wait for nature to "do her thing".

    Thank you again for the support!

  5. Just thought I'd update to let you know the m/c started today...and the process is in full swing. Again, I appreciate the support...thank you.

  6. Morrison - I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope things go quickly and painlessly for you (physically since I know emotionally its going to be hard).

    Please check in to let us know how your doing.


  7. i am really sorry.

  8. Morrison - i am so sorry for you r loss (and losses). Your cycle sounds just like my 1st IVF. Unfortunately for me - my baby hung on and even gave us a HB for 3 weeks altho had no development and MC'd at 10 weeks (measuring 6 weeks 1day)........ I wish i had the answers for you. I did have a D&C b/c i wanted to know WHY! and ofcourse - it was inconclusive - only that i do have a clotting issue and that by baby was a boy.
    I wish you all the luck TTC - if that is the path you decide to take - you sound like you would be a wonderful mother and makes me so angry that some have no issues TTC while some of us have the hardest time.

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